How to Cite SWHA Material

The Social Welfare History Archives is open to the public. However, because of the rare nature of much of our material, it may be used only in the archives reading room in Andersen Library. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members. 

If you are unable to visit the Archives in person, you are welcome to contact us regarding material that can be scanned or photocopied and sent to you.

Permission to use archival materials will normally be granted to any qualified researcher upon completion of the reader registration form and agreement to abide by the rules governing use. Please visit this page for an overview of reading room policies.

Scanning and photocopying is available for most materials, with the exception of restricted collections and items too fragile or sensitive to be copied. The Clarke Chambers Travel Fellowship is available to help fund research in the Archives.


Permission to publish from unpublished manuscripts or published works under copyright must first be obtained from the holder of the copyright. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure that permission. The Archives staff will assist in identifying the holder of copyright.

In cases where the Social Welfare History Archives holds copyright, it will ordinarily grant the usual publication rights to applicants. Permission to use materials does not convey permission to publish them. This privilege must be acquired separately and is the responsibility of the user.

SWHA can grant permission to publish only those materials for which it holds the literary rights. In giving such permission, the unit does not surrender its own right to publish the same materials nor its right to permit others to do so.

The researcher accepts full responsibility for observing the laws of libel and invasion of privacy as well as the copyright law.