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Special Instructions for Macintosh Users

The instructions below must be followed in order to view the testimony videos in Macintosh OS X 10.2 - 10.4 (currently not compatible with OS X 10.5) using the Safari Web browser. This site is not compatible with earlier versions of the OS or browsers other than Safari.

Part I of the instructions need only be done once for your computer. Part II must be done prior to each session in which you wish to view testimonies.

Part I: Install the xquicktime plug-in

  1. Download the xquicktime plug-in. If it does not automatically extract (i.e. if the file name ends with '.sit'), find it in your download location and double-click it to extract.
  2. Quit Safari.
  3. Place the xquicktime plug-in in the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder.

    put in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder
  4. Restart Safari (you may also have to restart your computer).

Part II: Mount the Cache Server

  1. While in the Finder, Select 'Connect to server...' under the 'Go' menu.
  2. In the Server Address field, enter: smb://vha.umn.edu/cache/mpeg then click 'Connect.'

  3. When the next box comes up, enter nothing and simply click 'OK.'

    simply click OK
  4. A server named 'CACHE' will now show up on your desktop. (A folder named 'mpeg' may also open.) You can now connect to the VHA site and view testimonies.
  5. When you have finished your session, unmount the CACHE server by either dragging it to the trash, or selecting it and choosing 'Eject "CACHE"' from the 'File' menu in the finder.