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Row of computer screens.

Walter Library Great Hall and Basement

Computers are available to support teaching, learning and research and offer a variety of software.

View the Library Software and Hardware list.

We also offer computer access for visitors not affiliated with the university. 

SMART Learning Commons

The SMART Learning Commons specializes in providing access to computers that have software and hardware for multimedia production, media viewing, and AV conversion.

View the SMART Learning Commons Software List.

OIT Computer Lab

The Office of Information and Technology has a general purpose lab in Room 103. College of Science and Engineering Students may print from this lab without additional cost. Double-sided and color printing is also available.
View the OIT Labs Software List.


A printer is located in the Great Hall (2nd Floor) outside of room 208.

Printing Instructions

  1. Add value to your UCard or Gopher GOLD Card if needed. See options in table below.
    • B/W Printing cost: $0.10 per page, $0.20 for double-sided printouts.
    • Color Printing available in the Great Hall and OIT Computer Lab (room 103): $0.50 per page.
  2. Print your document (File > Print) from any Walter computer.
  3. Enter a job name and ID. You do not need to use a university ID, just a name that you will recognize when you retrieve your print job.
  4. With your UCard or Gopher GOLD card, go to one of the printers on the 2nd floor (see map, above).
  5. Swipe your UCard or Gopher GOLD card on the keyboard next to the printer.
  6. Pick your print job from a list on the screen next to the printer. The cost will appear on the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click "Print" to accept, and then "Log out".

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available on the second floor of Walter Library. Set up your computer in three easy steps.

Adding value to your UCard

Purchase a re-usable Gopher GOLD Card at any Value Port for $1.00. Additional money is required for printing.

Visit Gopher GOLD to learn how to deposit money to your Gopher GOLD account via cash, check, or credit card.

Scanning and Copying

Scanners are available at the SMART Learning Commons (204) and the OIT Computer Lab (103). Great Hall printer/copier can scan to USB.

For help learning how to scan documents or photos contact the SMART Learning Commons for assistance.

Copiers are available in the Great Hall (2nd floor), Level B, and Level S. Cost of copying is $0.17 a page.

Wireless Access

University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff

University of Minnesota Guest Access

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