Your path to develop and showcase a variety of workplace skills

Employers want to know that you have the non-technical skills they value, to complement knowledge in your major. Through the self-paced Professional Skills Portfolio Program, you can broaden those skills and highlight them to give your resume a boost.

Key skill areas PSPP will help you develop:

  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills and Cultural awareness
  • Presentation skills
  • Technical writing
  • Information seeking
  • Project management

Through the Professional Skills Portfolio Program, you will gain:

  • Pointers to opportunities—both online and across campus—for developing your professional skills. You choose which areas to concentrate on and which learning opportunities fit your needs.
  • A month-by-month guide to the six skill areas, with reminder emails.
  • Help in choosing a portfolio platform and quickly creating an online portfolio to showcase your soft skills and accomplishments.

Join the Professional Skills Portfolio Program to design your own path toward developing and showcasing your workplace skills.

Surveys of UMN employers reveal:

Their strongest applicants have

  1. Ability to work effectively on a team
  2. Interpersonal communication skills

Their new hires have room for growth in

  1. Leadership
  2. Understanding cultural perspectives
  3. Writing effectively

Sample learning opportunities: