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Science Quiz Bowl - Sunday, April 8th

2018 winners are "Alpha Chi Sigma"! The team of juniors and seniors were champions in a long and competitive tournament and came back from one loss to win it all. AXΣ won several close games owing to fast responses on toss-ups and a solid team with strengths in complementary areas. The runners-up, "Betsy Devos' Charter School," were a quick-on-the-buzzer team of PSEO students with quiz bowl experience and tremendous depth of knowledge. The third place team was "Dr. Alkyne and Mr. Halide," and in fourth place was a random team "ChaRoWuLo," a team from the Random Team Generator. Congrats to them and to all the teams! This was a fantastic competition!

Team photos on Walter Library Facebook

Final bracket

Science Quiz Bowl is a double-elimination bracket quiz bowl tournament for teams of four to compete over science, pop culture, and miscellaneous trivia. The top teams go home with fabulous prizes. It's a celebration of CSE students' curiosity, smarts, and quickness on the buzzer.

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Team Alpha Chi Sigma smiles next to the Science Quiz Bowl bracket showing them as winners.


The 15th annual Science Quiz Bowl will kick off CSE Week 2018.
Thanks to Imation for their sponsorship.