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Congrats Roulette Wheel! Undefeated champs!
Jikku Thomas, Anand Kartha, Eric Gruber

Group photo of Team Roulette Wheel.

Winner: Roulette Wheel

Runner up: Maxwell's Demons

3rd place: ACDweebC

4th place: KHK

The 2017 Science Quiz Bowl champions are Roulette Wheel! The championship was a battle of Science Quiz Bowl veterans. Roulette Wheel is a returning team of grad students who emerged undefeated this year. Their quick responses on toss-ups and broad science knowledge served them well throughout the day. Maxwell's Demons, their opponents in the final (captain Roman Glusker, Vikram Puram, Joe Anderson, and Henry Hu), made a strong showing, earning second place for the second year in a row. Third-place ACDweebC are a mix of newcomers and veterans and fought hard through several close rounds. Fourth-place are returning players KHK. Thanks to all teams for a great tournament, the 14th annual Science Quiz Bowl. Enjoy the rest of CSEat Week 2017!

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The 14th annual Science Quiz Bowl kicked off CSE Week 2017. Thanks to Imation for their sponsorship.





Tournament results -- FINAL


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