2016 Science Quiz Bowl

Congratulations, Bingo Blowers, on an undefeated win!
John Spear, Joseph DuBois, Roman Voskoboynikov, Sujay Chopade

Science Quiz Bowl 2016 Winner Bingo Blowers and Runner Up Maxwell's Demons

Winner: Bingo Blowers (left). Runner-up: Maxwell's Demons (right).

The 2016 Science Quiz Bowl champions are Bingo Blowers, 4 CSE students who met for the first time at the tournament—they had signed up as individuals and were brought together by the Random Team Generator. Captained by Joseph DuBois, veteran of the 2014 champions, their good teamwork and broad science knowledge took them undefeated through the day. Maxwell's Demons, their worthy opponents in the final (Andrew Leung, Roman Glusker, Vikram Puram, Joe Anderson), made it to second place in their second year in the competition. Third-place Roulette Wheel is also a product of the Random Team Generator, returning from 2015. Thanks to all 32 teams for a well-played tournament, the 13th annual Science Quiz Bowl. Enjoy the rest of CSE Week 2016!

2016 Tournament Results--FINAL (photos to follow)

Each year, teams put their acumen to the test and compete for prizes in this friendly intramural tournament covering all kinds of science (what do you call the spherical molecule with 60 carbon atoms , how many Platonic solids are there ), with a few random questions thrown in (who performs the #1 song "My House" ).

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2016 Recap


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