Picture of Carolyn Bishoff

Carolyn Bishoff

Astronomy and Astrophysics, Earth Science, Engineering (Environmental and Geotechnical), Physics
335B Walter Library, (612) 625-0317, cbishoff@umn.edu
Picture of Jeffrey Bullington

Jeffrey S. Bullington

Director, Physical Sciences & Engineering
343 Walter Library, (612) 301-1127, jbulling@umn.edu

Brian Conn

Engineering (Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical), Computer Science, History of Science & Technology, Industrial & Operations Research
335A Walter Library, (612) 626-5764, baconn@umn.edu

Bernadette Corley Troge

Director of Libraries Facilities & Operations Management
65G Wilson Library, (612) 624-1720, b-trog@umn.edu
Picture of Timothy Engelstad

Timothy Engelstad

108 Walter Library, (612) 624-3897, engel356@umn.edu
Picture of Kris Fowler

Kristine Fowler

Mathematics & Statistics Librarian
310 Vincent Hall, (612) 624-9395, fowle013@umn.edu

Serena Giese

342 Walter Library, (612) 625-0322, skgiese@umn.edu
Picture of Charlie Heinz

Charlie Heinz

UThink Blogging, HathiTrust, Microform Collection
342 Walter Library, (612) 626-2810, heinz062@umn.edu
Picture of Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston

Data Management/Curation Lead and Co-Director of the University Digital Conservancy
337 Walter Library, (612) 624-4216, ljohnsto@umn.edu
Picture of Jody Kempf

Jody Kempf

Instruction and Outreach
339 Walter Library, (612) 626-1676, j-kemp@umn.edu
Picture of Meghan Lafferty

Meghan Lafferty

Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Patents, Standards, and Collections Coordinator for Physical Sciences & Engineering
345 Walter Library, (612) 624-9399, mlaffert@umn.edu

Amy Lewis

108 Walter Library, (612) 625-4056, alewis@umn.edu

Lindsay Matts-Benson

108 Walter Library, (612) 626-6801, matt0341@umn.edu

Andrew Palahniuk

108 Walter Library, (612) 624-0365, ampala@umn.edu
Picture of Natalie Reynolds

Natalie Reynolds

Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial/Operations Research Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Studies
335A Walter Library, (612) 625-0068, nreyno@umn.edu

Chris Schlief

Architecture & Landscape Arch. Lib.; 210 Rapson Hall , (612) 624-0238, c-schl@umn.edu
Picture of Scott Spicer

Scott Spicer

Media Outreach & Learning Spaces Librarian
341 Walter Library, (612) 626-0629, spic0016@umn.edu

Lynn Tran

Mathematics Library; 310 Vincent Hall , (612) 624-8317, l-tran@umn.edu

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