The Toaster entryway

A space for collaboration

Given Library restrictions associated with COVID-19, the Toaster Team has made a  variety of changes to the available spaces, equipment, and space capacity for the coming semester to support social distancing and ensure a more safe space.

Click the use case below that best suits your needs and learn how to take advantage of the Toaster this fall!

How can you use the space? 

If you are a faculty or staff member and have an interest in using the Toaster, please contact

Toaster layout and capacity

All UMN Students

 Drop-in Study Spaces

The Toaster will always hold first come, first seated space for drop-in users. The Toaster team has made the majority of spaces within the Toaster reservable to better manage the limited capacity and ensure a more safe and comfortable environment in response to COVID-19. With this in mind, the availability of drop-in space may be limited at times.

Interested in reserving a space? Join the Toaster Community - free to all UMN students. 

Drop-in study space with bench and chairs

Drop-in study space with comfy chairs

Toaster Community Members

The Toaster community is free and open to all UMN students - learn more and sign up today. Community members receive updates on upcoming Toaster events and resources and are able to reserve the following spaces within Toaster

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 Individual Users

Reservable private and semi-private study spaces. Priority use cases include virtual group project work, presentations, client meetings, interviews, and hands-on prototyping.  Available spaces include:
  • Solo "Zoom" Rooms - B15C &B15D (2) with monitor and fixed white board. Capacity: 1

 Small Groups (2-3 people) 

There are a variety of small group spaces available for reservation. Spaces can be booked for 2 hours a day up to 2 weeks in advance. Priority is given for small group work. Available spaces include:

  • Pair Study Booths 1 & 2 - Capacity: 2


  • Group study space - Flexible seating arrangements with fixed and moveable white boards. Capacity: 3


  • Picnic Table with fixed and movable whiteboards. Capacity: 2


  • Video conferencing corner with large monitor, connected PC, keybard, mouse, and video conferencing equipment. Capacity: 4

 Registered Student Organizations and Campus Life Programs

Registered Student Organizations and Campus Life Programs that have joined the Toaster community can reserve the 4 active learning / common spaces for small group meetings, workshops, and consultations (capacity ranging from 4-10 people). 

What you need to know...

  • You / your student org must be a part of the Toaster Community
  • You must complete a request form to reserve each of these spaces
  • You must demonstrate why it is important that you facilitate this interaction in-person rather than online
  • Your gruop must stay within the capacity listed in the spaces below
  • All events must be closed to the public or require advanced registration to ensure the group remains at or below capacity 

 Join the Toaster today!     Make a reservation

Toaster Southwest is an active learning space with flexible seating arrangements, two large monitors, computer with internet access, laptop hookup, microphones with audio amplification, fixed white board, movable power station, and podium. Capacity: 10


Toaster Southeast is a casual event or social space with built-in buffet counter, fixed and movable white boards, and movable power station. Capacity: 10


Toaster North is an active learning space with flexible seating arrangements, large monitor, laptop hookup, fixed and movable white boards, and movable power station. Capacity: 9


Explore, tinker, prototype, learn and share. The Breakerspace (formerly on the 2nd floor of Walter Library) is a free-to-use, student run makerspace providing access to a variety of hands-on tools and materials such as craft kits, a sewing machine, 3D printer, button makers, VR Headsets, and more. No experience necessary. 

The Breakerspace is now (kind of) Open!
A variety of the breakerspace equipment and supplies listed above are available or drop-in use during our open hours of 10am-5pm, Monday - Friday.

The following equipment is available by request / reservation only: 

  • 3D Printer(s) 
  • Cricut Sticker Maker
  • Sewing Machine

Book the Breakerspace

Feel free to reach out to us at and keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Small 3D printed items created in the breakerspace