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The University of Minnesota boasts over 900 student groups but we did our best to sort out the groups more relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship and we encourage you to check them out!

Toaster recommended student organizations are in the following categories:

Do creative work with real clients

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Entrepreneurship Club

"Entrepreneurship Club works to bring together students with a passion for innovation. We strive to:

1. Connect members with resources, mentors, and like-minded students
2. Inspire students with stories from trailblazers in our community
3. Accelerate individual ideas into tangible projects"

Atland Ventures

Atland Ventures is a student-run Venture Capital firm managed by students of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. The organization counts on the support of the Twin Cities’ most experienced venture capitalists and on the thought leadership of University of Minnesota professors.

Minnesota Microlenders

Minnesota Microlenders is a student group working closely with, a website that organizes microloans to impoverished entrepreneurs abroad. Our mission is to fundraise in a fun and creative atmosphere. With our funds we will assist entrepreneurs abroad who are working to enrich their communities. Our process of lending will continue as each loan is repaid, with our influence spreading to all corners of the globe!


App Developers Club

App Developers Club is for students who are interested in all aspects of developing. In our group, members are able to discuss and share the ideas about developing apps, and utilize their knowledge and skills to make their ideas a reality. App Developers Club provides a free space for students to collaborate and expand their skills, whether they are a beginner or advanced in the app development world.

Design U

Design U is an undergraduate student group founded with the intent of providing students with the opportunity to engage in fast-paced, interdisciplinary, hands-on design work. Unlike other existing design groups, its operation and culture is modeled after a real product design firm. Our members are to be the University's brightest future engineers, designers, and business students coming together to meet the demand of local businesses and nonprofits for quality creative work. In multi-faceted teams, the members of Design U enrich each other's education through collaborative work and engage industry on its own turf. At its core, Design U is to serve as an accelerator for design thinking and application in the U of M community.

Innovative Engineers

Through the use of innovative technology solutions, Innovative Engineers strives to extend the reach of renewable energy to the developing world by providing communities with the technology and know-how necessary to create and maintain a sustainable energy infrastructure using locally available materials.

Campus Creative Writers

Campus Creative Writers is a group dedicated to drawing out and fostering the creative writing skills of UMN students. This includes any writing genre - short stories, poetry, screenplays, novels, essays, etc. We seek to both improve the skills and build the confidence of participating students in a non-stressful environment, and we host feedback sessions and a few late-night write-a-thons during the year. CCW is open to students of any discipline at UMN.

Product Design Minnesota

Product Design Minnesota consists of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in studying product design and learning about the idea generation processes associated with product design in a fun way. Our goal is to connect students to resources that can help them develop academically and professionally. Additionally, we are the Industrial Designers Society of America student chapter for Minnesota.

Studio U

We are a student-run video production organization that documents, informs, and entertains the greater campus community while providing students with hands-on professional experience.


ADworld is a group composed of people who are passionate about the field of marketing and advertising. No previous experience is needed to join the group. We function as an agency, where different people or groups on or off campus request work related to advertisements. We will be producing products such as posters, videos, flyers etc. Furthermore, we also apply for a variety of competitions and contests related to marketing and advertising as a team, while exploring and enhancing our abilities in the field of marketing by inviting speakers, and visiting marketing and advertising companies.

Digital Art Studio

The Digital Art club is dedicated to learning about the new and innovative opportunities that lie in the world of digital art. From concept art, comics, image manipulation, to graphic design the Digital Art club aims to teach and provide its members with the resources, inspiration, and community that will drive its members to create art using digital tools such as Photoshop. Our goal is to educate and inspire members to become skilled in the use of these tools to be able to create their own work and share with a community that is willing to provide help and feedback.

Escape the U

"We are a band of students from all backgrounds and colleges collaborating together to design, plan, and build escape rooms. We create rooms and other mystery themed events from scratch, and they are provided free or low cost to all UMN students. Some highlights to look out for are our fortune telling plants as well as our 2-minute Escape Rooms!

Our mission is to create opportunities for leadership and collaboration within the students at the UMN as well as provide a new and exciting twist to the events held at the UMN."

Knitting, Crocheting, and Needlework Club

The Knitting, Crocheting, and Needlework Club facilitates a meeting space for students interested in knitting, crocheting, or other needlework crafts. Students are encouraged to use the space to work on their crafts and socialize with other students who share in their interests. Students interested in learning how to knit, crochet, or learn another needlework craft are encouraged to attend meetings as well.

Minnecinema Studios

We are a group of students who are passionate about film and want to experience the filmmaking process. We work on a variety of projects, from mock TV episodes to short films, with the ultimate goal of submitting our work to film festivals. From script to screen, we plan and produce original work.


We organize the Minnovate Industry Readiness Program which helps students get trained in real world skills that are transferable across majors and fields of work. We also host the Minnovation Challenge which promotes young entrepreneurs and innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Radio K

Radio K is the U of M's acclaimed public radio station, which provides students with hands-on learning opportunities. Students can get involved with podcasting, on-air experience, audio production, sales, marketing, video production, photography, writing and much more. Through its high quality programming, Radio K has been able to bring attention to the University of Minnesota from listeners all over the world.


Engineering World Health

"This organization exists as a student chapter of the national organization of Engineering World Health (EWH). The national mission ,“To inspire, educate, and empower the biomedical community to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world"", serves as the foundation for our organization and the work we seek to do.

As a student chapter we engage future healthcare innovators on the local and global scale by:

1)      Building technical skills needed to design, engineer, and innovate solutions around healthcare

2)      Facilitating intelligent conversation about culture, social issues, and ethics locally and globally

3)      Creating interdisciplinary teams to apply acquired knowledge to technical projects

4)      Engaging within the local and global communities through volunteerism

5)      Promoting health and STEM education through outreach"

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

The mission of Engineers Without Borders - University of Minnesota is to partner with communities around the world and to improve their quality of life through implementation of engineered projects that prove environmentally and economically sustainable. Our goals are achieved through cooperation with each other, fellow institutions, communities, and mentors on the basis of commitment, persistence, and concern for the recipients of our efforts. We strive to uphold and advance our principles for international responsibility and look forward to applying the experience in our future careers.

Acara Changemakers

Acara Changemakers is an interdisciplinary community that is passionate about driving positive, sustainable change. Open to undergraduate and graduate students, Acara Changemakers provides a space to build community, create connections, and ideate. Through workshops, guest speakers, student group meetings, coffee hours and more, Changemakers are empowered to design solutions for complex problems facing our world today through human centered design and receive support from mentors across the University of Minnesota. Whether you are passionate about the environment, healthcare, technology, education, etc., this is a space for you.

She is ME

This Campus Life Program was introduced to the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota in order to unify the women within major, and thus grow a community of leaders who are ready and willing to tackle the industry that is so heavily dominated by men. Through our events, we hope to connect students to leaders both within the university and industry, and provide them with opportunities to grow their skills and embrace their love for engineering.

Society of Women Engineers

The overarching goal of SWE is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity. With over 35,000 members in all 50 states and internationally, the friendships, connections, and opportunities are endless.

The Somali Association For Pre-Health students

The Somali Association For Pre-Health students is dedicated to helping Somali students pursuing professional health fields by providing access, guidance and support through mentorship and networking initiatives. SAPHS strives to create an environment for Somali students to come together and learn how to be successful in their pre-health journey by promoting academic excellence and research integration. The goal is to increase the amount of Somali students who are interested in pursuing health fields as well as the amount of students successfully completing those degrees.

Tau Beta Pi

We are a nationally affiliated engineering honor society focused on academic excellence, public service, and social activities. We aim to connect students across disciplines to provide meaningful ways to contribute their abilities to the community.

Women in Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering created the Women in Science and Engineering Initiative to promote diversity and strengthen community across gender identities by providing additional opportunities for professional and personal development.

Advertising Club

Ad Club is a student organization dedicated to educating students about the advertising, marketing, and communications industries. We accomplish this by hosting guest speakers, attending agency tours, conducting resume reviews, holding networking events, and providing career opportunities.

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA is an international organization for college students preparing for a variety of careers. Collegiate DECA programs engage students from a variety of educational disciplines while maintaining a strong focus on business-related areas including marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Students are given networking, leadership development, and community service opportunities that assist in career development.


Do creative work with real clients

180 Degrees Consulting - Minnesota

180 Degrees Consulting is the world's largest student-driven consultancy that provides services for non-profits, social enterprises, and socially-minded companies. Our aim is to provide our consultants with the unique experience of collaborating with a wide range of organizations while providing high-quality work for our clients. [The University of Minnesota Branch of 180 Degrees Consulting legal name is Maroon and Gold Consulting; please write checks and contracts with this name.]


As a brand communications agency, our ideas are our most valuable product. Backpack is a testament to our certainty that, in the face of stagnation, diverse perspectives and novel ideas will always generate positive movement in the world.