Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting Wilson Library is different. Read the detailed information about changes to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Wilson library offers study carrels throughout the building. These carrels are available for faculty and graduate students to use for quiet study and storing research materials. Our carrels are a great resource for faculty and students who need a place to do thesis work, dissertations, or research for an upcoming publication.

Faculty carrels are assigned annually, and applications should be submitted at the beginning of each academic year. Applications are also available for retired faculty and visiting/postdoctoral scholars.

Graduate carrels can be checked out by semester, and applications should be submitted prior to the first day of the semester, as availability is first-come first-serve.

Carrel Use Agreement

  1. Do not leave valuables in the carrel. It is not a secured area. The Libraries are not responsible for lost or stolen materials.
  2. All library materials kept in a study carrel must be checked out to the carrel user. Materials that have not been properly checked out are, for all practical purposes, “lost.” If such materials are identified in a carrel, it will be grounds for review and potential withdrawal of the carrel assignment.
  3. Radios or other audio devices with speaker output are not permitted in the carrels.
  4. In deference to colleagues, conversation in carrels should be held to a minimum.
  5. No food may be prepared in carrels. Drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted. The Libraries’ Food and Drink Policy http://www.lib.umn.edu/about/fooddrink applies to carrels.
  6. Marring of walls or doors with nails, tape or other hanging devices is not permitted. Individual will be charged for damage to the carrel.
  7. Smoking in carrels is not permitted.
  8. Carrels are assigned for assignee use only and are not transferable to an unassigned user.
  9. Lost or unreturned carrel keys will result in a $75 charge for rekeying the carrel. Lost keys should be reported to the library unit where the key was assigned. The charge is not refundable if the lost key is later returned.

To inquire about Wilson Library carrels and availability, please contact 612-624-3321.