Read Periodic-ly


The 2019 Summer Reading Challenge runs from Monday, May 6 through Tuesday, September 10th

  1.  Choose your challenge:
          a.   Read All the Genres!
  • To complete this challenge read one book from each of the 10 genre families listed below. This challenge can be completed 2 times.
          b.   We are Family!
  • To complete this challenge read the given number of books in a specific genre family. Each genre family can be completed once.
Fi = Fiction
Gn = Graphic Novels
Hf = Historical Fiction
My = Mystery
Me = Memoir
Nf = Non-fiction
Po = Poetry
Ro = Romance
Sf = Science Fiction/Fantasy
Ya = Young Adult


2. You may not use the same book to complete more than one challenge.

3. Download and return the completed sheet to a campus library location or submit online before September 10, 2019 to be entered in a prize drawing. Paper copies of the challenge can also be picked up from a campus library location.

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Need some fun reading suggestions ? Check out these resources!

  • Ask the University of Minnesota Libraries Book Matchmakers: fill out this form.
  • The Basement Alcove Display in Wilson Library across from the coffee shop
  • The McCollister Collection of Popular Literature on the first floor of Wilson library
  • The Popular Reading Collection in the Great Hall at Walter Library

Displays in the Wilson Library Basement

From Our Collections

The From Our Collections Display features titles from the University of Minnesota Libraries collections centered around a theme. The display features pictures of book covers and call numbers. Physical copies of the books are available on the shelf or through a Get It request.

Basement Alcove Display

The Basement Alcove Display consists of books from the general collection in Wilson Library. These books are chosen surrounding a theme and are available for checkout.