University Libraries

Wilson Library

August 28, 2015
8:00am - 6:00pm


GopherbalooGopherbaloo On Saturday, January 17, 2015, from 1 to 5 p.m. the University of Minnesota Libraries will sponsor its fourth annual "Gopherbaloo," a History Day help event modeled on History Day Hullabaloos organized by the Minnesota Historical Society. Last year over 300 students from grade 6 to 12 came to Wilson Library to take advantage of the Library's rich resources.

Students who attend the Wilson Library Gopherbaloo have the opportunity to take advantage of:

  • One-on-one mentor support with University of Minnesota undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Mini-lessons offered on various History Day topics;
  • Enhanced research support from librarians
  • Sample projects will help students create exhibits, documentaries, performances, websites, and papers

Other advantages for researchers who attend the Gopherbaloo:

  • Access to the largest collection of library resources in the state of Minnesota;
  • Lessons on using primary sources offered by our Government Information Librarian
  • Inexpensive ($6/day) weekend parking rate in the 21st Avenue Ramp; See: Directions to Campus
  • Free copies
  • Parent lounge with complimentary refreshments
  • Research fun and raffle drawings!

This event is sponsored by:

As with other History Day school visits, Legacy Fund dollars support youth and teacher participation in the Gopherbaloo.

We hope to see you at this year's Gopherbaloo on Saturday, January 17, 2015 from 1-5 p.m.