School group visits to Wilson Library

Wilson Library welcomes school groups of 6th-12th grade students for research visits during most of the academic year. Visits are limited to 70 students at a time. Larger groups must be broken up into separate visits. Students are able to locate books and primary source materials and have access to the University's electronic databases while they are on campus. Undergraduate and graduate student research guides are available to assist students during their visits. Because the library does not have enough computer capacity to allow the entire group access to the catalog at the same time, students are required to do some research ahead of time. We ask that the students arrive at Wilson Library with the call numbers for at least 3-5 sources.

Classroom visits

Prior to a library visit, teachers can request a classroom visit by a Minitex librarian. The librarian will lead hands-on activities involving History Day resources accessible electronically from students' schools and homes. Students will learn how to search article databases available through the Electronic Library for Minnesota, ELM. They will also search the Libraries' online catalog to identify the call numbers of material they wish to view during their visit. 

Scheduling library and classroom visits

To schedule a visit to Wilson Library or request a classroom visit, please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.

Individual Wilson Library visits

Wilson Library is open to visits from the public during normal hours of operation. Visitors are free to use the catalog, read books, and work with government documents, microfilm, and microfiche. Non-students cannot borrow books. They may, however, make photocopies. The University subscribes to many databases that provide useful primary and secondary sources for History Day students. Visitors may obtain computer and database access by applying for a temporary visitor's pass during their visit. To obtain a pass, present a government-issued photo ID (or a school ID if underage) and fill out the necessary paperwork at the Service Desk, located on the first floor near the Library entrance.

Contact Richmond Kinney with questions about History Day visits to Wilson Library