Reservable areas of the Wilson Studio:

  • Team Meeting Room (180C)
  • Business Research & Data Lab (180D)

Spaces may be reserved for up to two hours per day per person, up to two weeks in advance. Priority is always given to groups of two or more. Single users - even those with reservations - may be asked to move.

Spaces revert to first-come, first-served if not claimed within 15 minutes of the start of the reservation.

To reserve a space, please visit the Libraries space reservation system.


Reserving the Wilson Studio for Large Events

Events in the Wilson Studio must relate to the research collaboration mission of the space and involve partnership and co-sponsorship by the Libraries.

Types of events that may be appropriate include symposia, presentations of student research, lectures and invited speakers, hackathons and bootcamps.  Given the high use of the space by scholars at all levels for consultations, research discussions, and project work, it is expected that these events will be infrequent. The Wilson Studio can hold up to 250 people for events.

Reservation requests must submitted with a minimum of one month’s notice. All requests for Wilson Studio reservations are reviewed for approval by the University Librarian and/or the Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning. Events including food and beverages are permitted in the room. All arrangements for caterers, equipment rental, etc. must be coordinated by renter when making reservation requests. Any use of alcoholic beverages requires an approved permit from the Office of Risk Management, which should be given to the Wilson Building Manager. Users of the room will take responsibility for leaving the room in the same condition as it was when the reservation began. Any after-use cleaning beyond the normal custodial routines will be charged to the EFS number provided with the reservation request. Saturday and Sunday events with food and/or drink will require an additional $275 fee for custodial services.

To submit a reservation request, please use the online form.