Archives and Special Collections are open by appointment only, limited to UMN affiliates. Appointments must be made one week in advance of your visit. Contact or the curator of the collecting area you wish to use for assistance. We continue to provide scans of requested research materials when possible, especially for our non-campus clientele.

How to Use/Access the Archives

Use of materials is freely granted to all responsible researchers, subject to regulations and procedures (outlined below) to ensure that the materials are protected from deterioration, mutilation, or loss. You are welcome and encouraged to consult with staff members about your research needs and for clarification of procedures.

Copy Services

Photocopying and digital scanning services are available, to the extent allowed by the condition of the material and the provisions of U.S. Copyright law. Pricing and Guidelines are available

Publishing Material from the Archives

Permission to publish from unpublished manuscripts or published works under copyright must first be obtained from the holder of the copyright. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure that permission. The Archives staff will assist in identifying the holder of copyright. The Archives can grant permission to publish only those materials for which it holds the literary rights. In cases where copyright is held by the YMCA of the USA, the Archives will mediate a request for permission. The YMCA of the USA will ordinarily grant the usual publication rights to applicants with non-profit purposes. In giving such permission, the Archives and/or the YMCA of the USA does not surrender its own right to publish the same materials nor its right to permit others to do so.

The researcher accepts full responsibility for observing the laws of libel and invasion of privacy as well as the copyright law.

Use fees for publication or commercial use in any format may apply. Contact the Archives for more information.

When publishing images of materials held by the archives, the archives should be credited as follows: Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.

How to Cite Material from the Archives

The general format suggested for citing material from our collections is:

[Author of cited item]. [Name or description of cited item]. [Folder name]. [Title of Collection (collection number if available)]. Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota.

E.g. For a report from the YMCA Interracial Programs Records:

Martin, Freddie. "The Affirmative Action Controversy," Fall 1972. Reports and Publications, 1971-1972. Interracial Programs Records (Y.USA.2). Kautz Family YMCA Archives. University of Minnesota Libraries.

Citing material from archival collections, such as letters, reports, and other records and papers, can be confusing. It is important to provide the right pieces of information in your citation that will allow someone to track down the original item. The Archives and Special Collections Department provides some general guidance on citing and copyright. Please see also our Guide to Citing Material from the YMCA Archives for more details.