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The University of Minnesota Libraries hires hundreds of students in many types of jobs all over campus. Whether you enjoy working with books, people, technology, or all of the above, a job in the Libraries can help prepare you for success. Check out our jobs listed below.
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Student research data collector

  • collect data related to a research project looking at historical scientific research data
  • examine pre-selected collections of life-sciences-related materials online or in print to look for reusable, raw, scientific data
  • use an inventory form to record the presence/absence of data and describe a collection’s contents
  • convert analog data to a digital format, using proper protocols
  • using identified and pre-selected categories, describe research data with proper metadata
  • current student in science, technology, engineering or health sciences or related field
  • successfully completed science coursework beyond the 1000 level
  • overall GPA of 3.0 or above
Skills needed
  • attention to detail
  • strong writing and speaking skills
  • experience with spreadsheets and working with cloud-based tools
How to apply

Email a cover letter and resume to Julie Kelly (

Location St. Paul
Building Online or Hodson Hall (when campus re-opens)
Department Natural Resources Library
Hours/week 10-30
Work study Not Required