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Student support services

Services to help students with their studies, assignments, research, projects, and papers.


The Libraries offer in-person and online workshops on a number of topics including

  • library research
  • citation management
  • study skills
  • makerspace topics
  • bullet journaling and more.
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Instruction support services

Instruction support services help you find quality course materials that fit your class, integrate information literacy and research inquiry skills into your course and offer expertise on learning the research process and using our resources and services.

Emerging technology

The Libraries have a range of innovation and emerging technologies spaces. We can help you integrate them into your classes for free! We’ll work with you to develop multimedia projects, creative assignments with our makerspaces, explore virtual reality content and more. Connect with us to learn what’s possible for your course.

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Research support services

Research support services provides U of M scholars and academics quick access to information and tools to plan, conduct, and disseminate their work.

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K-12 support services

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