Makerspaces code of conduct

Users of the Toaster Breakerspace and Health Sciences Library Makerspace agree to respect and abide by UMN Libraries' policies, University-wide guidelines and policies, and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as state and federal laws, including those around copyright and intellectual property.

General expectations

  • The library makerspaces are shared spaces and free to use. Take care of them. 
  • Use only what you need.
  • Ask a staff member for help if you are uncomfortable or uncertain of what to do.
  • Report problems or broken equipment immediately to a staff member, or email
  • Help us create a respectful and safe environment. Follow safety procedures and university policies.
  • Share your knowledge if you can, and help others use the space.

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Access to the spaces is available during open hours. The hours are posted on our website. No after-hours access is allowed.

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Commercial use

Commercial use or mass production are not permitted in the library makerspaces. Prototyping, experimentation, and testing are all welcome.

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There is no secure short- or long-term project storage in the library makerspaces. If you have a project that requires storage, contact a member of the makerspace staff.

Projects that are left behind will be considered abandoned unless prior arrangements are made with our staff. Completed 3D prints should be picked up within seven days.

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Equipment use

These guidelines are meant to ensure appropriate use of materials and supplies and maximize access for all users. Makerspace staff will enforce these guidelines with respect for all users and their projects.

3D printing

  • All print jobs should be eight hours or less. Five hours or less is preferred.
  • All print jobs must be completed before closing time. No overnight prints are allowed.
  • Use one printer at a time.
  • Watch the print for the first 30 minutes to ensure the print starts successfully.
  • Users do not need to stay for the duration of their print, but staff may remove completed prints from the printer.

Cricut maker and inkjet printers

  • The inkjet printers should only be used for Cricut projects. For regular black and white or color printing, please see the main library service desk. 
  • Basic paper and vinyl materials are provided for the Cricut. These materials may change as needed, at the discretion of Makerspace staff. Requests are welcome but may not be fulfilled due to cost. 
  • Outside materials may be brought in for Cricut projects.
  • Personal computers can be connected to the Cricut and inkjet printers.

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