Charlie Heinz

Library Assistant

Science & Engineering Library; 108 Walter Library

I have been a reference library assistant for Physical Science and Engineering in Walter Library since October 2007. Service to the research needs of students, staff, faculty and the State of Minnesota is my core philosophy. My role in reference is as a "generalist", and I refer to subject specialists where it is appropriate. However, questions about government technical reports on microfiche are generally referred to me.

I am also one of the instructors for Introduction to Library Research, a workshop offered to first-year writing students that is designed to introduce the library system, guide topic selection, and develop effective search strategies.

Aside from my role in Walter Library, I am also the front-line contact for UThink Blog Support, and I assist our HathiTrust partnership by fielding questions about HathiTrust and its content. We refer issues such as scan quality and copyright on a daily basis. HathiTrust is having a major impact on access to historical and primary source documents, as many are being identified as being in the public domain and becoming widely available for the first time. Questions about HathiTrust can be directed to:

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2008 -- Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota