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Kristen Mastel, she/her/hers

Outreach and Instruction Librarian

ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8128-3089
Position title
Outreach and Instruction Librarian
Subject Librarian for
College of Continuing and Professional Studies and Extension
Agricultural Education


Kristen Mastel is an outreach and instruction librarian at the University of Minnesota. She is the liaison to the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, Extension, Agricultural Education, Communcation and Marketing, and the Institute on the Environment. She received her Masters of Library Science from Indiana University, and her undergraduate Bachlor of Arts from the University of Minnesota- Morris. Her research areas of interest include instruction, information literacy, outreach and instructional design. Kristen is a Past President of the Minnesota Library Association and the United States Agricultural Information Network.  My strengths are: empathy, harmony, adaptability, connectedness, and woo!

She leads stressbuster workshops that involve aromatherapy, forest bathing, horticultural therapy, and holistic wellness practices.

Make an appointment: https://kmastel.youcanbook.me

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