Timothy J. Johnson, he/him/his Curator of Special Collections & Rare Books / Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections

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Curator of Special Collections & Rare Books / E. W. McDiarmid Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections
Libraries department
Special Collections and Rare Books


Tim is one of the curators in the Archives and Special Collections Department and responsible for the University Libraries' main rare book collection and dozens of special collections. Half of his time is spent as curator of the Sherlock Holmes Collections, the largest gathering of such material in the world. Tim began his career as an instructional services librarian and has also served as a library director, director of archives, medical librarian, assistant and associate professor. In addition to his curatorial responsibilities, he served for ten years as an adjunct faculty member in the MLIS program at St. Catherine University, where he taught a graduate level course in preservation management. Tim is happy to answer questions and help out with matters related to "old books" or any other question people might have about special collections or rare materials. He also writes a blog that often highlights new acquisitions or other matters related to special and rare items--"Special & Rare On A Stick." You can also follow Tim on Twitter. His "handle" is @UMNBookworm.


B.A. (History), North Park University, Chicago

M.A. (Library Science), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

M.A.T.S. (Church History), North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago

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