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The T.R. Anderson Gallery is located at the entrance to the James Ford Bell Library, Suite 472 on the 4th floor of Wilson Library. Exhibits are on view Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; evenings and weekends by appointment. The gallery is closed for all University of Minnesota holidays. Maps and Directions
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Bound Fragments of Time: 60 Years of Collecting at the James Ford Bell Library

October 30, 2013 through February 1, 2014

This special anniversary exhibition pays tribute to the rich diversity of teh collection 60 years on. The materials on display reflect a variety of topics and themes and were chosen with great deliberation to represent the many facets of the collection. Here you will find curator and staff favorites, special gifts that reflect the steadfast commitment to the Bell Library by members of the Bell family and by the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library, acquisitions made possible through funds donated by individuals and organizations, including the James Ford Bell Trust, and one-of-a-kind items that exist nowhere else in the world.

This exhibition was curated and mounted as a group effort by the entire Bell Library staff under the direction of Curator Marguerite Ragnow: Assistant Curator Margaret Borg; Karen Olson, librarian; Joshua Marcotte, graduate intern; Anna Henrichsen, Dana Kautto, Hanna LaCasse, and Dawn Breidenstein (Metropolitan State University), undergraduate interns; volunteers Kathy Ramisch and Vicki Zobel (members of the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library); professional volunteers Paul Bary and Yharnet Browne (now an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow); and Bell Library student staff members Radu Ciocan-Fontainine, Rya Haglund, Alex Hsiao, Molly Kamph, Rachel Kelly, Mackenzie Lang, Ho Jae Lee, Katie Livingston, and Michael Mossaad. Additional assistance was provided by Jerrie Bayer and Linda Greve.

Special thanks go to Kathy Ramisch and Vicki Zobel for their tireless research in the collection over the past year, and to Anna Henrichsen, who devoted her summer to assisting with material selection and exhibit planning.

Exhibit Staging/Design: Darren Terpstra, graphics/multi-media designer, with Andrew Nelson, undergraduate assistant

60th Anniversary Logo Design: Ali Klunick

Cover photo of exhibit guide:: Natasha D'Schommer-Grant

Special thanks go to the Libraries communications team of Mark Engebretson, Laura Krueger, and Ali Klunick for their fantastic work in helping us pull all of the communcations and print pieces together for this exhibit and anniversary celebrations.

Funding for this exhibition and for the Bell Library's 60th Anniversary celebration was provided by the University of Minnesota Libraries, the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library, and the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries. Special thanks to Wendy Lougee, University Library and McKnight University Professor; Karen Williams, former Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning; Kris Kiesling, Director, Archives and Special Collections; and Kathy McGill, University Libraries Development Officer, for their tremendous support throughout the planning and production of this celebration. We also received enthusiastic support from the board and general membership of the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library, and from the board members and members of the events committee of the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries--our thanks to you all!

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