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The Children's Literature Research Collections is open to the public, but supervised use by researchers is confined to the Elmer L. Andersen Library Reading Room, and all materials must be pulled in advance by a staff person. Information on finding books or archival material is below.

Contact asc-clrc@umn.edu for reference assistance or to set up an appointment to view materials.


To find books, please search the University of Minnesota Library catalog.

Explore the University of Minnesota Libraries catalog for information about rare and special books, periodicals, and other publications held by the Children's Literature Research Collections.

Looking for children's books you can check out?

Everything held in the CLRC must be viewed on-site. If you are looking for a circulating children's collection on campus, the College of Education and Human Development hosts a small Curriculum Library in Peik Hall. For more information visit their website. For larger circulating collections of children's literature, we recommend checking out your local public library.

Collection guides

This list contains archival collections, including authors and illustrators whose original materials are held in the CLRC. The link will redirect you to the collection's inventory. For information on how to directly search our collection guide database (such as for keyword searching), including searching guides from across all of the Archives and Special Collections units, see the LibGuide Searching Archival Collections Guides.





Allen, Marjorie
Altman, Elaine Joan
Ambrus, Victor G.
Ames, Lee J.
Amorosi, Nicholas 
Amory, Cleveland
Amoss, Berthe 
Anckarsvard, Karin
Anderson, Clarence W. 
Anderson, John L.
Anderson, Joy
Angelo, Valenti 
Anglund, Joan Walsh 
Anno, Mitsumasa
Antle, Nancy
Ardizzone, Aingelda 
Ardizzone, Edward 
Arkin, Alan 
Armour, Richard Willard 
Armstrong, Gerry 
Armstrong, William Howard
Arndt, Ursula 




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Chafetz, Henry 
Chaikin, Miriam 
Chall, Marsha Wilson 
Chalmers, Audrey 
Chalmers, Mary
Chang, Margaret Scrogin
Chandler, Edna Walker
Chanslor, Marjorie Torrey 
Charlip, Remy 
Chapman, Frederick T.
Chapman, Jane 
Chappell, Warren 
Charlot, Jean
Chase, Richard
Chastain, Madye Lee 
Chee, Cheng-Khee 
Cheesman, Lilian
Chen, Justina
Chen, Tony 
Cheney, Cora 
Cheney, Richard E.







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Earle, Olive Lydia
Easton, Kelly 
Eaton, Jeanette
Eberle, Irmengarde
Ecke, Wolfgang
Edmonds, Walter Dumaux
Edwards, Michelle
Egan, Tim
Egner, Thorbjorn
Ehlert, Lois
Ehrlich, Bettina 
Eichenberg, Fritz
Eicke, Edna



Escourido, Joseph
Espenscheid, Gertrude E.
Estes, Eleanor 
Ets, Marie Hall
Eubank, Mary Grace
Evans, Katherine 
Evans, Sara M. 
Eyerly, Jeannette

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Finlay, Ian Hamilton and Diane Amussen
Fischer, Hans
Fisher, Aileen
Fisher, Leonard Everett 
Fitschen, Marilyn
Fitzgerald, John Dennis 
Fleischman, Paul 
Fleischman, Sid 
Fleming, Candace
Fletcher, Ralph J. 
Flinn, Alex
Floethe, Louise
Floethe, Richard
Flora, James
Forberg, Ati
Ford, Henry Justice
Forman, James D.
Forrester, Alfred Henry 
Foster, Doris Van Liew 
Foster, Genevieve
Foster, Marian Curtis
Foulds, Elfrida Vipoint 
Fox, Michael W. 
Fox, Paula
Frame, Paul 


Frost, Helen
Fuik, Bob
Fuller, Catherine Leuthold
Funai, Mamoru 
Funk, Clotilde Embree


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Gauch, Patricia Lee
Gay, Zhenya
Gehr, Mary
Geisel, Theodor 
Geisert, Arthur
Geister, David 
Gekiere, Madeleine 
George, Jean Craighead 
Gergely, Tibor
Giacoia, Frank 
Giblin, James Cross 
Giff, Patricia Reilly 
Gilchrist, Jan Spivey
Gilchrist, Theo E.




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Hines, Bob
Hirano, Cathy 
Hirawa, Yasuko
Hirsch, Carl S.
Hirsh, Marilyn 
Hnizdovsky, Jacques 
Ho, Minfong
Hoban, Lillian 
Hoban, Russell 
Hoban, Tana
Hobart, Lois
Hobbs, Barbara 
Hobbs, Valerie 
Hobbs, Will 
Hodges, Cyril W. 
Hodges, Margaret 
Hoff, Sydney
Hoffine, Lyle
Hoffman, Heinrich 
Hoffman, Rosekrans 
Hofsinde, Robert
Hogan, Inez 
Hogner, Nils 
Hogrogrian, Nonny
Hokenson, Terry





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Irving, James Gordon
Irwin, Hadley



Ivan, Martha Miller
Ivanovsky, Elisabeth

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Jackson, Jacqueline
Jackson, Robert B.
Jacobs, Leslie 
Jacobson, Jennifer
Janeczko, Paul B. 
Jansons, Inese 
Jaques, Florence Page
Jaques, Francis Lee 
Jaquith, Priscilla 
Jauss, Anne Marie
Jeffries, Roderic
Jemne, Elsa 



Jonell, Lynne
Jones, Catherine Ann
Jones, Elizabeth Orton
Jones, Harold
Jones, Henrietta
Jones, Patrick
Jones, Rebecca C.
Jones, Weyman B. 
Jonk, Clarence
Joosse, Barbara
Judah, Aaron 
Judson, Clara Ingram


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Kennedy, X. J.
Kenny, Katherine - [see French, Laura]



Kindl, Patrice
Kindred, Wendy 
King, Edna Knowles 
King, George E. 
King, Joseph T. 
Kingman, Lee
Kingsland, L. W. 
King-Smith, Dick
Kirk, Ruth 
Kirn, Ann
Kismaric, Carole
Kissin, Eva
Kjelgaard, Jim 
Klapholz, Mel 
Klein, Norma
Kleven, Elisa
Knotts, Howard
Knowles, Ann



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Light, Steve
Likhanov, Albert A. 
Linde, Gunnel
Lindgren, Astrid 
Lindstrom, Eleanor 



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McCaffrey, Mary


Murphy, E. Jefferson 
Murphy, Stuart 
Musser, Laura J.
Mutchler, Dwight
Myers, Bernice
Myers, Walter Dean


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Ney, John 
Nichols, Ruth 
Nixon, Joan Lowery 
Nodjoumi, Nickzad 
Norris, Gunilla Brodde 
Novak, Boris
Nye, Naomi Shihab

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O’Brien, Robert C.
O’Connell, Alice
O'Connor, Barbara
O’Connor, Jane
O’Dell, Scott
O’Neill, Mary
Oberlander, Gerhard 
Odland, Norine
Obligado, Lilian
Oechsli, Kelly
Offit, Sidney
Ohlsson, Ib
Okimoto, Jean
Olds, Elizabeth
Olofsdotter, Marie



Olsen, Ib Spang
Olson, Marianne 
Oneal, Zibby
Orgel, Doris
Osofsky, Audrey
O'Sullivan, Tom

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Potter, Beatrix
Potter, Bronson
Potter, Miriam Clark
Potter, Zenas
Poulsen, Gunnar 
Powers, Daniel 
Powers, Richard M.
Preissler, Audrey
Prelutsky, Jack 
Preus, Margi 
Price, Christine
Price, Edith Ballinger
Price, Garrett 
Prieto, Mariana B. 
Provensen, Alice & Martin 
Punell, Angelica Serrano
Pyk, Ann

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Quackenbush, Robert
Qualey, Marsha

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Raskin, Ellen
Ray, Deborah Kogan
Ray, Ralph Jr.
Ray, Wade 
Raymond, Evelyn
Redpath, Dale
Reed, Philip
Reeder, Carolyn
Reinhardt, Dana
Reit, Seymour 
Remkiewicz, Frank
Remington, Barbara
Ressner, Phil
Rex, Adam
Rey, Hans Augusto
Reyher, Rebecca




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Schweitzer, Iris
Scieszka, Jon
Scoppettone, Sandra
Scott, Ann Herbert
Scott, Mrs. Alma Olivia (Schmidt)
Sears, Paul McCutcheon 
Sebestyen, Ouida
Sedgwick, Marcus
Seiden, Art 
Seignobosc, Francoise
Selsam, Millicent
Sendak, Jack
Sendak, Maurice
Seredy, Kate
Servello, Jo 
Seroff, Victor Ilyitch
Serraillier, Ian 
Seton, Ernest Thompson
Sewall, Marcia
Sewell, Helen
Shafer, Anders C.
Shannon, David
Shannon, George
Shannon, Terry
Shao, Ting-Ju
Shapiro, Irwin
Sharp, William
Shaw, Evelyn
Shaw, Richard

Steele, Mary Q.
Steele, William O. 
Steen, Vagn
Steichen, Edward
Steig, William
Stein, Harve 
Steiner, Charlotte
Steiner-Prag, Hugo
Stemple, David 
Stern, Madeleine Battina
Stern, Marie Simchow 
Steven, Leslie 
Stevens, Janet
Stevermer, Caroline
Stewig, John Warren 
Stiles, Martha Bennett
Stinetorf, Louise 
Stobbs, William
Stock, Catherine
Stockton, Frank Richard
Stolz, Mary
Stone, Helen 
Stone, Nancy
Storr, Catherine
Stoutenberg, Adrien 
Stover, Jo Ann
Strachan, Margaret 
Streatfeild, Noel
Stringer, Lauren
Strommen, Judith Bernie
Stubblefield, Hord
Stubis, Talivaldis
Stull, Betty 
Suba, Susanne
Suckling, Eustace
Suggs, William
Sutcliff, Rosemary
Sutton, Margaret
Swanson, Susan Marie
Sweet, Melissa
Sypher, Lucy Johnston
Szekeres, Cyndy 


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Torjesen, Elizabeth Fraser 
Torre, Vincent
Toschik, Larry
Townsend, John Rowe 
Trease, Geoffrey
Trelease, Allen W.
Tresselt, Alvin R.
Trice, Linda
Tryon, Leslie 
Tudor, Tasha
Tunis, Edwin 
Turkle, Brinton
Turner, Ann
Turngren, Ellen

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Uchida, Yoshiko
Ulreich, Eduard Buk
Ulreich, Nura Woodson
Ungerer, Tomi
University Gallery Collection
Unnerstad, Edith


Unwin, Nora Spicer
Ursu, Anne
Uttley, Alison

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Vagin, Vladimir
Valens, Evans G.
Van Allsburg, Chris
Van Loon, Hendrik Willem and Grace Castagnetta
Van Stockum, Hilda
Van Woerkom, Dorothy
Vogel, Ilse-Margret
Von Schmidt, Eric
Voss, Carroll
Voute, Kathleen

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Waber, Bernard 
Wagner, Jane
Wahl, Jan
Waldman, Neil 
Walford, Graham Robertson 
Walker, Barbara K. 
Walker, Charles 
Walker, Dugald Stewart 
Wallace, Barbara Brooks 
Walsh, Ellen Stoll
Walter, Mildred Pitts
Ward, Lynd
Warner, Edythe Records
Warner, Sunny B. 
Warren, Ed
Wartik, Herschel
Wartski, Maureen Crane
Waterhouse, J.
Waters, Tony
Watson, Aldren Auld
Watson, Jane Werner
Watson, Stephanie
Watson, Wendy
Weaver, Robert G. 
Weaver, Will
Webber, Irma E. 
Weeks, Sarah
Weidt, Maryann N. 
Weihs, Erika 
Weik, Mary Hays 

Winslow, Earle 
Winslow, Vicki
Winsor, Robert 
Winter, Ginny Linville 
Winter, Jeanette 
Winter, Milo
Winter, William
Winthrop, Elizabeth
Wisa, Louis 
Wise, William
Witheridge, Elizabeth
Wittlinger, Ellen
Wohlberg, Meg 
Wohnoutka, Mike
Wojciechowska, Maia 
Wolff, Ashley
Wolff, Virginia Euwer
Wong, Jeanyee 
Wood, James Playsted 
Wood, Maryrose
Woods, George A.
Woodson, Jacqueline 
Woodward, Hildegard
Woolston, Blythe
Worcester, Donald Emmet
Worth, Valerie 
Wrightson, Patricia 
Wyatt, Melissa

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Yamaguchi, Marianne 
Yashima, Taro
Yates, Elizabeth

Yolen, Jane
Young, Ed


Yurka, Blanche

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Zehnpfennig, Gladys
Zelinsky, Paul



Zolotow, Charlotte
Zucker, Barbara