About the Map Library

Learn more about how to use and access the materials and resources in the John R. Borchert Map Library.

About the Borchert Map Library

Collection and services

The John R. Borchert Map Library serves the University of Minnesota community and the State of Minnesota, including other academic institutions, corporate patrons and the general public. Borchert Map Library student staff members are available to assist patrons in locating materials and using maps and aerial photos. Scanners are available for use in the Automated Cartographic Information Center and photocopiers are available in the basement level of Wilson Library. Patrons may also bring cameras to the library to photograph fragile maps and materials. NOTE: For in-depth research assistance please make an appointment

Circulation policy

University of Minnesota students, staff, faculty, Friends of the Library and special privilege users may borrow books, atlases and maps. Books and atlases circulate for the University Libraries’ standard loan periods. Aerial photographs circulate for four weeks. Maps circulate for one week. Journals circulate for one week. Large or heavily used atlases and rare materials do not circulate except by special permission. Fragile items do not leave the library and may not be photocopied.

Make a gift

The John R. Borchert Map Library Fund helps to strengthen the John R. Borchert Map Library, part of the University of Minnesota's Department of Geography, Environment, and Society, through the purchase of maps and equipment, support of students, and further development of the library staff.

Contact information


John R. Borchert Map Library
S-76 Wilson Library 309 19th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55455 612-624-4549


Ryan Mattke, Map & Geospatial Information Librarian
Head, John R. Borchert Map Library

Dana Peterson, Library Assistant

Melinda Kernik, Spatial Data Analyst & Curator

Karen Majewicz, Geospatial Product Manager

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Automated Cartographic Information Center

Established with a large federal grant in 1995, the Automated Cartographic Information Center (ACIC) is a state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analysis laboratory.

Seven computer workstations are available to Borchert Map Library patrons for geographic research. Each workstation is equipped with GIS and supporting software, providing access to the Borchert Map Library’s large and growing collection of digital geospatial data as well as data available online.

The Automated Cartographic Information Center (ACIC) offers both letter and tabloid size printing. Printing in the ACIC is not free: follow the link below for printing and payment procedures.


  • Feed-through sheet scanner (up to 44" wide)
  • Flat-bed (up to 11" x 17") and slide scanners
  • DVD and CD-ROM writeable drives
  • Color and B&W laser printer (printing information)


  • ArcGIS & ArcGIS Pro
  • QGIS
  • Adobe Elements
  • Microsoft Office 


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