Search from our homepage

If you know the publication title you are looking for (such as New York Times, Journal of Biological Chemistry, New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, etc.) or even a few title keywords, search for the journal in the search box on the Libraries’ homepage, or directly from MNCAT Discovery.

What are "Multiple versions?"

Sometimes the record for electronic access to a journal may be grouped with information about our print copies of that journal. In these cases you may see a search result that indicates “Multiple versions found”.

If you click on these results, you’ll see all the records that have been combined in this group.

Limit your search

If you don't see the journal you want in your results list, click the “Libraries Catalog” tab. If you still don't see it, limit to “Journals” using the “Material Type” drop-down menu.

You can always browse

You can browse by using either Find E-Journals (which shows online journals only) or the Libraries Catalog Browse by title (which shows both online and print collections). If you still don't see it, we might not subscribe. Use Interlibrary Loan to request an article we don't own.

Looking for articles?

See our How to Find Articles page for suggestions that will get you directly to articles within thousands of journals.