To find journals 

  1. Go to the Libraries homepage.
  2. Enter the journal title or subject into the large search box. Use quotation marks to search for titles and phrases (words in quotation marks must be exactly correct). E.g. "Journal of the American Medical Association," "cognitive psychology."
  3. Use the filters to limit to "Journal titles."
  4. Click on the link for the title or click on "view versions" to see the records for electronic and print versions owned by UMN Libraries; then click on the link for the title.

If the University does not provide access to the journal you need, request it from Interlibrary Loan.

Finding journals (when you know some information)

Electronic Journals
Search or browse for the title of the journal, magazine or newspaper (e.g. Newsweek, Journal of Anthropology). Then search within the publication for your article or topic. 

To find journals (in your area of interest)

  • Talk with your instructors, faculty advisor, and colleagues to learn what journals they are following.
  • Note the journal titles of articles you are using for your projects.