Established in 1971, the Literary Manuscripts/Upper Midwest Literary Archives (UMLA), is dedicated to preserving and providing access to the archives of Minnesota and the region's finest writers and presses. Collections include the papers of Robert Bly, John Berryman, Frederick Manfred, James Wright, Patricia Hampl, and Lewis Hyde, to name only a few. The UMLA also contains the archives of local publishers, such as Graywolf Press and Milkweed Editions, among others.

Detailed finding aids are online and in 213 Andersen Library. Please contact Assistant Curator Kathryn Hujda for research and reference questions and appointments.

Upper Midwest Literary Archives Receive Grant for Prairie Poets and Press

The Upper Midwest Literary Archives (UMLA) have received a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant to increase access to the archives of three pivotal Minnesota poets and one premier literary press: Robert Bly, Margaret Hasse, Bill Holm, and Milkweed Editions. The project, Prairie Poets and Press: Literary Lives of the Upper Midwest, will reveal and provide access to Minnesota’s creative and prolific literary community for researchers here and abroad. For more information, contact archivist Carissa Hansen.