Links are provided on the left side of the screen under "Other SCRBM Collections" to a number of categories that attempt to list many of the collections held by the Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts department. These categories are:
  • Author Collections (consists primarily of book collections that contain various titles and editions by a specific author)
  • Book/Printing History Collections (covers the history of books and printing, graphic design, calligraphy, paleography and other aspects related to printing and typography)
  • Historical/Political Collections (aspects of local, national or world history or politics and may include books, periodicals, and/or archival material)
  • Literary Collections (may contain books, periodicals, and/or archival materials of a literary nature covering a number of authors and time periods)
  • Other Collections (collections that don't fit into any of the given categories)
  • Personal Libraries (the personal libraries of individual collectors covering various subjects)
  • Press Collections (items related to specific fine or small presses)
  • Scientific Collections (various aspects of science or technology and may include books, periodicals, and/or archival material)

Under each of these categories you will find a list of collections, some of them with links to additional information. These links will take you to:
  • a "canned" search in the online catalog (be patient; some searches take more than a few seconds to load)
  • existing web pages for that collection
  • a fuller listing of the collection based on printed/written in-house files

In some cases, (for example, the Medieval Manuscripts Collection or the Papyri Collection) additional scanned images are available of selected items.