These collections represent the personal libraries of individual collectors. The libraries/collections themselves may be developed around a specific theme or subject, or they may represent a number of different subject areas. Personal libraries may include books, periodicals, and/or archival materials. Collections here include:

  1. The Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Collection (SCRB Collection Number 39) (S2R9-12).
  2. Tell G. Dahllöf Collection of Swedish Americana (SCRB Collection Number 54) (S1R3-4).
  3. Robert A. Kann Collection of Austrian History and Culture (SCRB Collection Number 68) (S2R7-8).
  4. Arthur Kleiner Collection of Silent Movie Music (SCRB Collection Number 71) (S1R4)
  5. Basil Laourdas Modern Greek Collection (SCRB Collection Number 73) (S1R5-7).
  6. Karal Ann Marling Collection (unprocessed, SCRB Collection Number 144)
  7. Paul and Joan Nagel Collection (in process), SCRB Collection Number 148). Another collection of material, the Paul C. Nagel Papers, may be found at Virginia Commonwealth University, James Branch Cabell Library, Special Collections and Archives Department (M255).
  8. Willey Whaling Collection (SCRB Collection Number 106)(WV)