What is ORCID iD?


What is ORCID?


An ORCiD ID is a persistent, unique, numeric identifier for individual researchers and is free of charge. It helps distinguish you from other researchers with the same or similar names. It can create a united profile for your research activities, regardless of whether you’ve

  • changed names
  • published under multiple variations of your name
  • or switched institutions.

Several publishers, such as PLoS and IEEE, now require ORCiD IDs for submission. Funders such as The Department of Transportation and Wellcome Trust also requires ORCiD IDs for grant applications.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I get an ORCiD ID?
A: Register for an ORCiD ID at orcid.org. It takes less than a minute to sign up and it’s free of charge.


Q: Besides my name, what other information can I add to my ORCiD ID?
A: You can enhance your ID by adding your education and institutional affiliations.

Q: What kind of work can I add to my ID?
A: ORCiD also supports over 30 types of "works," so you are not limited to just journal articles--datasets, figures, patents, biological products, etc. can all be added as well.


Q: Can I import my information from other ID services like ResearcherID from Web of Science or LinkedIn?
A: Yes, this page will tell you how to do that.