Dryad institutional membership pilot

The University Libraries has a pilot membership with the Dryad Digital Repository (Dryad). Dryad is a curated repository that makes research data discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. 

Dryad provides a general-purpose home for a variety of data types. Anyone in the world can deposit and download data housed in Dryad.

The pilot will run from Jan 19, 2021-Jan 18, 2022. This pilot benefits researchers at the University of Minnesota by waiving Dryad’s Data Publishing Charges and overage fees (starting at $120 USD per dataset) for U of M authors that submit data sets to Dryad during this pilot period. Explore the Dryad FAQ for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to deposit to Dryad?
Current students, staff, and faculty of the University of Minnesota. Data depositors are required to have an ORCID ID before they can submit data to Dryad. Get more information on Dryad upload instructions.

What are Data Publishing Charges (DPCs)?
Dryad’s Data Publishing Charges start at $120 per dataset. However, due to our institutional membership, this fee is waived for U of M depositors during the pilot.

Who is eligible to receive a waiver during the Dryad pilot by the University Libraries?
During our institutional membership pilot, all data publishing charges and overage fees will be waived if at least one author is an U of M affiliate and only if a U of M author is doing the deposit. See more about the Dryad submission process and contact Dryad if you have problems.

How is the Dryad repository different from DRUM? Does the Libraries Dryad membership replace DRUM?
U of M authors may choose where to publish their data. The Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM) is our local (no fees) repository for U of M research data. Dryad is a generalist non-profit repository open to anyone. Dryad and DRUM share many of the same benefits (minting DOIs, open access, curatorial review). But, in some cases, your journal may require that you publish your data in Dryad, specifically, since they have integrated workflows with many publishers and support peer-reviewer access to data.

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What happens when the University Libraries pilot membership with Dryad is over?
The Libraries will evaluate the usage of Dryad during this pilot. Based on the outcome, the Libraries may choose not to continue with a Dryad membership after the pilot ends. If this happens, any data you submitted to Dryad during the pilot will remain in Dryad, and you may continue to deposit there, but future submissions to Dryad may incur a data publishing charge that you will be responsible for.

What happens to data I submitted during the pilot? Can I still deposit data when the pilot ends?
Your data will remain housed in Dryad. You can continue to deposit new datasets to Dryad after the pilot ends, but there may be data publishing charges and/or overage fees that you would be responsible for.

Can I be reimbursed for Dryad deposit fees that I already paid for before the pilot?
Deposit fees will be waived for submitters during the period of the trial institutional membership paid for by the University Libraries. This trial runs from January 19, 2021 until January 20, 2022. Any fees paid outside of this period or paid by co-authors at other institutions will not be reimbursed.

How will the pilot be evaluated for potential renewal?   
The Libraries will be reaching out to U of M affiliates who have used Dryad and asking for feedback. If you have thoughts you would like to share, please reach out to us at datarepo@umn.edu.