Guiding principles

Respect: Respect other users and their ideas and efforts. Respect the space and resources within it. This space exists for all of us and is shared by all of us.

Fail: We all start somewhere and we are all capable of learning. Move outside your comfort zone, let your ideas and energy drive you, strive for good enough and move forward when things don’t work.

Share: Ask lots of questions and share your knowledge. Be proud of the work you create and show it off. Help to make the space more useful, beautiful and welcoming. Introduce yourself and share what you are working on.

Don’t be on fire: Use your common sense, be safe, and follow the policies and safety guidelines of the space. If you treat the tools nicely, they will work well for you in return.


Our services, tools and workshops are available free of charge to all current students, staff, and faculty at University of Minnesota. 

Code of conduct

Users of the makerspace agree to respect and abide by UMN Libraries' policies, University-wide guidelines and policies, and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as state and federal laws, including those around copyright and intellectual property. More specifically:

  • Respect other users of the space, the equipment and materials within it. Please take responsibility and clean up after yourself.
  • Ask for help when you are uncertain of what to do or how to operate equipment.
  • Report the following to makerspace or Libraries staff
    • Accidents or injuries. Call 911 if needed. We want everyone to be safe.
    • Broken equipment or tools. Failing is part of making. We break lots of stuff. We just want to know if we need to repair or replace something.
    • All spills.  Electronics and fluids do not get along well. Please keep drinks without lids and all food away from the machines.  However, we know that accidents happen, and we ask that you report spills so that we may take care of them quickly.
  • Be safe. Work and behave in a way that protects the safety of yourself and others. Use safety guidelines and safety gear (glasses, gloves, and vents) as instructed or shown on the equipment information sheets. Remember to not be on fire.
  • Do not create any tools of vandalism, weapons or weapon-like items, including parts of weapons, ammunition, and defensive as well as offensive weapons. This policy is in accordance with University policy.  If you are not sure if it is technically a weapon, you should probably not make it.
  • Respect intellectual property. Do not use the makerspace to otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of others.  This includes making copies of artwork, objects or other material that you are not authorized to reproduce.
  • Innovate and prototype. Commercial or large-scale production use of the makerspace is not allowed at this time.  In practical terms, do not use the equipment or materials in the makerspace to create things that you intend to sell or you plan to make more than 5 copies of a project for distribution.  


If you are injured, look for the posted first aid kits in the space. For more serious injuries, contact the Libraries service desk or dial 911. Report all injuries, regardless of severity, to

Project storage

3D printed objects must be picked up within 7 days of printing or they will be considered abandoned and either be recycled or become property of the space..

Projects can be stored in the designated areas in each space. You must label your project with your name and the date that the project was left. Projects left more than 7 days will be recycled unless you make other arrangements will full-time makerspace staff.

3D printer usage

In order to maximize access to the 3D printers, all 3D printing jobs should be designed to take 4 hours or less. Longer prints are allowed with approval from full-time makerspace staff.

For safety purposes, 3D print jobs must finish printing by 7pm (Health Sciences Library Makerspace) or 1 hour before close (Walter Library Breakerspace).

3D printer users must be physically present in the makerspace for the first 30 minutes of their print job in order to ensure the job is printing correctly, unless special permission is received from full-time makerspace staff.

If you are not present when your 3D print job completes, staff or other users may remove it from the printer so that the printer can be used by others.

Tool loans

Tools and materials must be used with the space and cannot be borrowed.

Consequences for violations

Access to the makerspaces is a privilege and not a right. All makerspace guidelines are posted on the makerspace's website, and space users are responsible for learning and following the policies. Knowingly or unknowingly violating makerspace guidelines does come with consequences. Possibilities include being asked to leave for the day, being banned from the space, having campus security and police notified, as well as involvement of academic integrity officers, internal university discipline procedures and/or potential legal action. The severity of the consequence will be matched with the severity of the policy infraction.