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Itasca Biological Station Library Off-campus

The library at the Itasca Biological Station contains books, maps, and other resources that support the students and researchers studying at the station.

Visit the Itasca Biological Station Library

This library can be found in the Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories buildings, on the eastern shore of Lake Itasca, and within sight of the headwaters of the Mississippi. 

Visit the College of Biological Sciences department for directions, or information about lodging and facilities.

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The library at the Itasca Biological Station is a branch of the University of Minnesota Libraries, most closely connected to Magrath Library and the Natural Resources Library on the St. Paul campus.

The books, maps, theses, dissertations, and other materials cover topics addressed by students and researchers working at Itasca.

All electronic resources such as journals and books that available from the University Libraries may be accessed at the Itasca library as well.

Search the Itasca Biological Station Library collections


View, print, export and sort through comprehensive databases of works and theses published by Itasca faculty and students.

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