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This subject covers: information about Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Article Databases and Indexes

Academic or Scholarly Articles Subject Indexes

Principal record on North American research on Russia & Eastern Europe. Records from late 1980s to date. Materials in all formats.

EBSEES covers European scholarship in Eastern European studies from 1991 through 2007 only. This resource is no longer being updated.

The leading index to scholarly literature in world history, 1450 to the present. Excellent coverage of European scholarly sources. Use the companion index, America: History & Life, for sources on the world's relations with the United States and Canada.

The International Bibliography of Art (IBA) is the definitive resource for scholarly literature on western art and successor to the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA). Includes detailed abstracts for all new content, in-depth abstracts for scholarly articles, and authority files of controlled terms. Ideal for academic and specialist art libraries, museums, and design firms. Focus on European art from late antiquity to the present, American art from the colonial era to the present, and global art since 1945 Visual arts in all media are covered: painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installations, new media, decorative and applied arts, museum studies and conservation, archaeology, folk art and material culture, classical studies, antiques, architectural history.

LLBA covers all aspects of the study of language and linguistics, including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics.

Citations to books, articles from over 4,000 periodicals, essays and chapters in books, papers in published conference proceedings, and dissertations. Published in the world's languages of scholarship.

Contains thirteen (13) current Slavic-studies titles. Their previous titles are also listed. Most content is within one year of the current issue.

This core database for the field of sociology contains information on sociology and social policy worldwide. Sociological Abstracts includes citations from the 1952-present.

The major index to political-science materials published worldwide, from 1975 to the present. WPSA covers a few major Russian journals, e.g., Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniia, Voprosy Istorii, as well as several collections of essays and papers in Russian and many other languaqges.

General Indexes to Magazine, Journal & Newspaper Articles

The CDPSP/CDSP are also covered in Lexis-Nexis Academic, back to June of 1981.

Best for business news and current news in English. No Russian-language souces are included. Look under "Guided News Search", then choose the news category "World News" and the news source "European Sources". You can further select individual titles, e.g., "Commersant Daily" OR "East European Energy Report" OR "East European Insurance Report" OR "Official Kremlin International News Broadcasts". Lexis-Nexis also covers the Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press.

Full-text electronic versions of major Russian and many NIS periodicals on the same day they are published. The Universal database includes archives of back issues of newspapers and journals, some far back as 1996. It is a source for information on business, economics, domestic and foreign policy and important political events in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The UDB can be searched in either Cyrillic or LC-transliterated Russian.

Full-text summaries of foreign newspaper articles, conference proceedings, radio and television broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports. Formerly published as FBIS and JPRS Reports.

Catalogs and Bibliographies


The principal current bibliography for North American research; covers books, articles, dissertations.

Print index that lists books monographs at the Library of Congress, both American and European. No articles.

The print index continues the European Bibliography of Soviet, East European & Slavonic studies (-1993). EBSEES is now also publicly accessible on line. The bibliography is divided into two databases: for the period 1991-2000 and for 2001-present.

National Bibliographies

Combines and replaces the severalprint series of the Russian Book Chamber's Letopis' (e.g., Knizhnaia letopis', Letopis' zhurnal'nykh statei). The Cyrillic-alphabet text can be searched in the roman alphabet by using the Library of Congress transliteration scheme. Access is for 1994 through 2008 only.

General Reference Sources

Biographical Sources

Compiled and edited by S. P. de Boer, E. J. Driessen, and H. L. Verhaar

Longman Biographical Directory

complete title: Longman Biographical Directory of Decision-Makers in Russia and the Successor States

Who's who in Russia and the CIS Republics

Who's Who in Russia since 1900.

Who's who in Russia today

Who's who in Russia today : a biographical dictionary of more than 2,100 individuals from the Russian Federation including the other fourteen former USSR Republics / edited by Ulrich-Joachim Schulz-Torge. Continues: Who was who in the Soviet Union


This page dates the major (and some not so major) events in Russian history and links them with explanatory and related materials on the Web. Created at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.

Country Studies

Europa World is the online version of the Europa World Year Book, a source of country profiles, statistics, and directories for all countries worldwide. Find facts, history, political, economic and other information including geography, media outlets, education, government agencies, trade and industry, tourism and other organizations. A major bibliography is included for each country and survey articles on various issues are listed for each major region.

The Library of Congress Country Studies Series presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world. The series examines the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors.


Edited by James S. Olson ; Lee Brigance Pappas and Nicholas C.J. Pappas, associate editors.

Russian-English Social Science Dictionary

CD ROM. Contains essential linguistic information including all 55,000 entries of the Ozhegov dictionary, plus dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, word formation, and government of case

Vocabulary of Soviet Society and Culture


Directory of Russian MPs: People's Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of Russia-Russian Federation

New Political Parties of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

Russian Mass Media Directory

Soviet Nomenklatura

subtitle: a Comprehensive Roster of Soviet Civilian and Military Officials


General Reference Works

Carried out 9-16 October 2002 across the territory of the Russian Federation, the census is published in Russian, with many tables and reports also in English. Russian text can be searched using a Cyrillic keyboard provided or by using the Library of Congress transliteration scheme for Russian.

Handbooks and Manuals

Includes political perspectives, religion, social policy, business development, international relations, and country surveys.

Newly Independent States of Eurasia :Handbook of Former Soviet Republics

By Stephen K. Bataldend and Sandra L. Batalden. 2nd ed.

Political Parties of Eastern Europe, Russia and the Successor States

Post-Soviet handbook

A guide to grassroots organizations and Internet resources in the newly independent states by M. Holt Ruffin.


Provides detailed information on countries of the world including statistical surveys, information on
government, finance, religion, press, publishers, radio and television, etc.

Internet Resources

Gateways & Megasites

"The European Reading Room is the primary public access point for readers and researchers seeking to use the vast European collections of the Library of Congress, including those from Russian-speaking areas of Asia." This front page contains links information about the Library's European collections, multi-media digital libraries, and to specialized bibliographies, European exhibits at the Library of Congress, European telephone directories, transliteration tables, and links to other pertinent web sites.

University of Texas Russian & East European Network Information Center

Cal Berkeley's guide to resources in Slavic Studies.

Russian and East European Studies Web site. Similar in concept to WESSWEB, this is a good place to begin to find out about Russia and Eastern Europe

Periodical and Newspaper subscriptions

Electronic Journal Titles

Founded in 1949, the Current Digest was first published as The Current Digest of the Soviet Press (1949-1991), followed by The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (1992-2010), and now The Current Digest of the Russian Press.

"Svobodnaia tribuna pisatelei" -- once the prestigious weekly of the Soviet Writers' Union and devoted to literary criticism, Литературная газета now also gives prominence to social issues in Russian society and the country's cultural and spiritual heritage.

News Sources

This daily report provides expert analysis on major political events and trends in the former USSR (including the Central Asian republics) and Afthanistan, Iran, and Iraq. The serice features daily news headline reports, twelve weekly reports on the region, and country-specific reports. Reports are available in the region's languages and in English; with archives dating back to 2000. The site's main page is found at

Providing weekly news and background reports on the 28 countries of the former Soviet Bloc, TOL is especially useful for information on the Central European countries, which not covered in RFE/RL Newsline. The TOL on-line archive is available back to 1999. Issues of its predecessor, Transition (1995-1999), are found in the Wilson Library Annex.

Statistics and Data

Data Resources

Official statistics of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Basic Socio-Economic Indicators of the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States . statistical information on the countries of the Commonwealth from 1980-1995 Database with over 3500 main social and economic indicators. Results of search presented in a table form or in a chart ready to be printed. User interface and data presented in English and Russian. Much of the data for the former republics has not been published elsewhere. In English.

Sixth State Duma of Russia

"Detailed results of the 1995 Russian Parliamentary Elections by party, candidate and geographic region. Includes complete committee lists and assignments; brief biographic data on those elected and percentage analyses of the votes cast for each party and candidate." The user may choose between three volumes (regions, parties and deputies)." "Most of the data is "live" spreadsheets embedded in HTML pages. All data is fully exportable into a variety of software programs & spreadsheet applications, including Excel and Lotus." In English. (CD-ROM available in Wilson 's Electronic Research C

Style Manuals and Writing Guides

Bibliography Software

RefWorks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to create your own databases of citations by importing references from MNCAT and other databases, and then in seconds automatically generate bibliographies in all major styles (MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.).

Style Manuals

A selected list of sources available in Wilson Reference Services.

Writing Guides

Guide prepared by the Internet Public Library. Includes both Internet links and print resources.

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