Summer Reading-opoly

Summer Reading-opoly rules

Don’t get board with your summer reads! Score a reading-opoly by completing the tasks in a property set, (indicated by color or symbol), or by completing each task in a Challenge, or 2 out of 4 Activities. (Maximum 18 entries per person).

You may not use the same book more than once. Record your completed sets before September 10th to be entered in a prize drawing.

Need help deciding what to read? Roll the dice and let the Libraries Book Matchmakers provide personalized recommendations. The physical game board can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

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I am a
I completed the...
  • Read a memoir or autobiography
  • Read a fanfiction
  • Read a book over 500 pages long
  • Read a book related to food
  • Read a romance
  • Read a history or historical fiction book
  • Read byond book 1 in a trilogy
  • Read a book by a local author or set in your location
  • Read a mystery or horror book
  • Read a fantasy or science fiction book
  • Re-read an old favorite
  • Read a retelling of a classic tale
  • Read a book with an illustrated cover
  • Read a book set in a dystopian or utopian future
  • Read a book in another language or translated from another language
  • Read a short story
  • Read a graphic novel
  • Read an epistolary book
  • Enjoy a book in a different format (audiobook, etc)
  • Read a YA book
  • Read a microhistory book
  • Read a book with a title that fits the "A __ of __ and __" structure
Complete 2 out of 4 tasks per submission but use each activity only once. 2 scooter submissions max.
  • Read a banned book
  • Add or take a book from a Little Free Library
  • Visit a public library
  • Visit an independent bookstore
Complete 2 out of 4 tasks per submission but use each activity only once. 2 icon submissions max.
  • Backpack: read a book from the University of Minnesota Press
  • Lightbulb: get out of your reading slump! Ask the bookmatchmakers for recommendations
  • Fountain: read near a body of water or outdoors
  • Ring: read a hardcover book or read a new release
Complete each task for a submission, maximum 3 submissions.
  • Check out our Libby collection
  • Read an open access or OER article
  • Check out a non-book item from a library