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Denis R. Rogers / Edward S. Ellis Collection

About the Rogers / Ellis Collection

Tucked among the curiosities and treasures of the University of Minnesota Children's Literature Research Collections (CLRC) is the Denis R. Rogers/Edward S. Ellis Collection. The prolific literary career of Edward S. Ellis, giant of the American dime, pulp, and series novel genre, is the foundation of this collection of books and periodicals originally cultivated by scholar and collector Denis R. Rogers. The collection also includes his correspondence with publishers and book dealers, drafts of his unpublished guide to Ellis' works, and other research materials from 30 years of study. The Collection came to the University in 1986. It includes roughly 1,100 British and American hardcover books by Ellis and a few of his contemporaries, over 300 European editions of Ellis titles, plus dime novels in over 60 different series, and 57 different periodicals.

Archival materials related to Rogers's work can be located in the archival collection guide. Books written by Ellis can be found in the Library Catalog. Our location in the catalog is "TC Andersen Children's Lit."

For more information on the types of materials in the Ellis collection, including research resources, visit our LibGuide on dime novels, story papers, series books, and pulps.

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