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Lionel Johnson Collections

About the Johnson Collections Illustrated Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, and Pirate Collections

Donated by Lionel Johnson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the three major collections given to the CLRC include the Illustrated Treasure Island Collection, The Alice in Wonderland Collection, and the Pirate Collection. Collecting over many years, Mr. Johnson traveled to New York, London and Paris to peruse bookstores. Sharon McQueen, a library school doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin--Madison and friend of Lionel Johnson, recommended the University of Minnesota as the appropriate place for his collection.

Within the Treasure Island Collection, artists such as Edmund Dulac, Milo Winter, and N. C. Wyeth interpreted the novel since its first appearance in magazine form. An American publisher provided the first illustrated edition in 1884, and the first printing is among the books donated. The Treasure Island and Alice in Wonderland collections contains numerous editions of the titles published over the years, as well as reference works and other materials related to the titles. The Pirate Collection contains extensive books related to the subject, both fiction and nonfiction.

All books can be located through the library catalog.

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