Contribute to the Tretter Collection

Information on how you can support the mission of the Tretter Collection through your material and financial gifts.

Your contributions

The Tretter Collection would not exist without contributions from many individuals, organizations, and collectives. There are many ways to contribute! You can donate materials for inclusion in our collections, participate in oral history projects, attend events, volunteer, or make a financial gift to support the long term sustainability of our work. 

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Donate materials

Interested in possibly donating materials to the collection? Contact the collection's curator (email: We'll be happy to work with you to determine whether and how your collection might fit within ours. (We collect a wide variety of materials and formats, including paper materials, audiovisual materials, email, and digital files.) In the meanwhile, if you're interested learning more about what's involved in the process, you may wish to read "Donating Your Personal or Family Records to a Repository" (available on the website of  the Society of American Archivists).

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Financial contributions

Want to make a financial contribution? We accept all forms of financial contributions! It is easy donate online - but there are many other ways to contribute. (For more information, visit the University Libraries "Giving to the Libraries" guide) Feel free to contact us (email: with questions or for additional information. 

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