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Quick Overview: Sharing Course Materials Online - What are my options?
A lot of instructors worry about copyright issues that arise in the course of teaching - showing films, sharing readings, and a host of other issues. Many other instructors have not thought much about these issues. Our hope is that the materials on this site will calm the concerns of instructors who are worried or concerned about copyright - and also raise the awareness of instructors who are coming to the issues for the first time.

So you want to...

Broader overviews

  • The Good News A lot of things that teachers or instructors may want to do are already 100% A-OK to do! Learn about in-class display, linking to readings, and use of open resources.
  • The Harder Stuff Some things teachers or instructors may want to do will require a little more thought. Learn about making copies for students, posting files online for students, and using your own personal streaming subscriptions in the classroom.
  • UMN Instructors' Rights and Responsibilities
  • The TEACH Act

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