Using Images in Teaching (online and otherwise)

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This web site presents information about copyright law. The University Libraries make every effort to assure the accuracy of this information but do not offer it as counsel or legal advice. Consult an attorney for advice concerning your specific situation.

If you're working with public domain materials (i.e., older images, or images produced by the federal government, among others), copyright may not be an issue at all. This would be common with many art history images, and some diagrams, charts, and similar materials produced by the federal government.


Open-licensed images, such as those distributed under many of the Creative Commons licenses, are pre-approved for reuse and sharing by the public! You'll note that most of the images appearing on this Copyright website are accompanied by Creative Commons information - we know we can use them, because their creators pro-actively granted permission! Learn more about Creative Commons here on our site, or visit the Creative Commons organization directly!