Grant-in-Aid recipients

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Congratulations to recipients of previous Grant-in-Aid Awards! 


Teresa Bertilotti (University of Ljubljana) - Becoming Italian-American: Entertainment and Historical Culture, 1860-1930.

Nina Bogdan (University of Arizona) - Creating a Russian-American Identity in Interwar and Post-War San Francisco: Gender, Space, and Memory in the Negotiated Acculturation Process 1917-1957.

Susan Lanzoni (Harvard University) - Rachel Davis Dubois’s Innovative Methods to Build Emotional and Empathic Connections across Cultural and Racial Barriers.

Andrew Marion (University of Mississippi) - Humanitarian Capitalism: Displaced Person Resettlement in America, 1948-1952.



Anna Cichopek-Gajraj (Arizona State University) - In Transit: Postwar Journeys of Catholic and Jewish Refugees from Poland.

Selena Daly (University of London) - The Italian Emigrant Soldier and the First World War, 1914-1930.

Anna Jaroszyńska-Kirchmann (Eastern Connecticut State University) - The Responses of American Ethnic Groups to Urban Renewal and Highway Construction Projects, 1949-1974.

Aurora Moxon (University of Bristol) - Italy’s Other: A Study of Transnational Calabrian Identity.



Frank Jankac (Independent Historian) - Eager Immigrants, Reluctant Host: The Croatian Immigration Experience in Canada 1896-1960.

Amy King (University of Bristol, United Kingdom) - The Memory of Giacomo Matteotti in Italian-American Communities of the United States.

Matthew Reza (University of Oxford, United Kingdom) - Uncovering Italian Fairy Tales in the U.S.



Matteo Brera (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) - From Outsiders to Southerners: Transnational Experiences and Cultural Hybridization of the Italian Migrants in the American South (1880-1980).
Jerry Grzybowski (University of Warsaw, Poland) - Religion, Cultural and Educational Activity of Belarusian Emigrants in the USA After World War II. 
Aleksej Kalc (Slovenian Migration Institute, Ljubljana, and University of Primorska and the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia) - Attitudes and political activities of the Yugoslav and Italian immigrants in the USA with respect to the question of the Yugoslav national minorities in the Julian March in the inter-war period.
Gregory Shibley (Independent scholar) - New York City’s Little Syria.


Jessica Barbata Jackson (University of California at Santa Cruz) - ’Ascribed Nationality’ & the Development of Italianita: Sicilian Civic Identity in Crisis in the Jim Crow Gulf South. 

Tyler Miller (University of Illinois at Chicago) - Working Out Somalia: Transnational Migration, Labor, and Islam in the American Middle West, 1988-2012. 

Stephen O’Donnell (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland) - The Transatlantic Slovak National Movement, 1890-1920. 

Patricia Rodda (University of California, Irvine) - Determinants of asylum claim outcomes in cases filed in six states with common law traditions (USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand). 



Danielle Battisti (University of Nebraska - Omaha) - Whom We Shall Become: Italian Americans and the Politics of Immigration Reform, 1945-1965.

George Paganelis (California State University, Sacramento) - The Role and Contributions of Greek Americans in the history of California agriculture.

Maddalena Marinari (St. Bonaventure University - New York) - Without Papers: Undocumented Italian Migrants, 1880s-1970s.

Barry McCarron (Georgetown University) - The Global Irish and Chinese: Migration, Exclusion, and Foreign Relations Among Empires

Martin Nekola (Prague) - Post-WWII Cooperation of Exile Groups from Eastern Europe.

John Ryan (University of Northern Colorado) - Evidence for the Evolution of an Integrated Italian-American Identity in the Massachusetts Immigrant Press during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.

Suraya Khan (Rice University) - Arab Americans and the Palestinian question during the 20th century



Paivi Hoikkala (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) - Finnish Americans, socialism and the labor movement in the early 20th century: The role of women.

Laura Ciglioni (Universita degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy) - The Order Sons of Italy in America and the image of Italy in the United States in the early 1960s.

Maarja Merivoo-Parro (Tallinn University, Estonia) - Estonian American community of WWII displaced persons through the eyes of the Second generation.

Volodymyr Iushkevych (Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine) - Unfortunate children: The problem of national identification of Ukrainian "Displaced Children, 1945-1953.

Ramona Holmes (Seattle Pacific University) - Estonian Song Festivals in WWII Displaced Person Camps.



Denise Jenison, "In Accordance with the Finest Traditions of American Democracy": Arab Americans, Zionists, and the Debate over Palestine, 1940-1948"

Emily Pope-Obeda, "Deportation from the United States, 1910s-1930s"

Margaret J. Rencewicz, "Conflict and Schism in Catholic America, 1870-1939"

Gulsah Torunoglu, "The Historical Roots of Muslim Women's Social and Political Activism during the Arab Spring"

Michele Presutto, "Revolution Just Around the Corner: History and Debates of Italian American Radicals in the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1913"



Melissa Borja, "'To Follow the New Rule or Way': Hmong Refugee Resettlement and Religious Change, 1975-1990"

Yehonathan Brodski, "Philip Hitti and the Making of the Modern Middle East"

Irene Elksnis Geisler, "The Gendered Plight of Terror: Annexation and Exile in Latvia 1940-1953"

Volodymyr Iushkevych, "Ukrainian Displaced Person'Relief: Assistance of American Government and National Emigrant Organizations to Ukrainian DPs"

Maria Kaliambou, "The Book Culture of Greek-Americans"

John Tofik Karam, "Area Studies through Diasporic Eyes: Philip Hitti and the AUB Alumni Network in Brazil"

Heather Lee, "Inventing Chinese Food: Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Consumer Culture in the United States, 1882-1965"

Ji-Hye Shin, "Insanity on the Move: The 'Alien Insane' in Modern America, 1882-1930"



Ulla Aatsinki, "Finnish Roots, American Wings? Efforts to Socialize Finnish-American Children by American Schools”

Rachel A. Batch, (Croatian-American)

Joel Brady, “Religion & Austro-Hungarian Migration”

Dezeree Hodish, (Ukrainian-American) "Slavs and Steel: The Role of Social Organizations in the Construction of Industrial Cities"

Shira Klein, "The Migration of Italian Jews between 1938 and 1950"

Adam Krowka, "Estonian Immigration History and Language Use in the U.S."

Louie Milojevic, (Yugoslav-American) "You-Go, You-Stay: Yugoslav-Americans, Brotherhood and Unity in Cold War America"

Hanna Numilla, Finnish-American identity as expressed in ethnic press

Sylvia P. Onusic, “Slovenes Along the Little Conemaugh: Coal Mining to a Better Life”

Yannis Papadopoulos, (Greek-American) "Ethnic Elites and the Making of “Homeland”: The Case of Greek and Jewish Americans"

Carl Rahkonen, “Music Composed and/or Published by Finnish-Americans”

Janet Reilly, “Diasporas as Peacemakers: The Impact of Home and Host State Policies in the Liberian Diaspora's Participation in Homeland Peacebuilding”

Hauke Siemen, “The Baltic Emigres’ Political Activities During the Cold War”

Ann J. Toumi, "Historical Novel about Finnish American Women"



Michele De Gregorio, "From the Shipyards of Trieste to the Streets of New York: The Triestini Dockers and the Italian Roots of Antifascist Movement in the United States”

Jüri Estam, "Estonian World Council and Estonaian American National Council Tallinn, Estonia"

Stacey Fahrenthold, “Defining Ourselves, Teaching the Youth: The Arab-American Federation Movement and Diaspora Nationality, 1935-1950"

Aleksandra Loewenau, "Polish Catholic Priests in Dachau Concentration Camp"

David Palter, "A Shared Project: Race and Education in Early-Twentieth Century San Francisco"

Ellen Pozzi, "Immigrant Libraries"

William Samonides, “Greek Immigrants in Urban Northeast and Midwest”

Joseph T. Sciorra, “Allessando Sisca and Internationally Popular Neapolitan Music Composed in the US”

Kristel Tammik, “Digital Archives of Estonia” Kathryn Wegner, “Constructing Citizenship: Education Immigrants, and Americanization in Chicago, 1910-1940”



Karl Altau, “Joint Baltic American National Committee” Joao Fabio Bertonha Carl Rahkonen Adam Seipp



Halyna Sarancha

Kenyon Zimmer



Danielle Battisti

Ieva Zake



Kathleen DeHaan Susan Larson, “Women’s Maintenance of Finland-Swedish Identity in North America" Anne Rasmussen 1995

Francois Avenas, “The Image of Italians in the Press”

Lucilla Briganti, “The Role of Italian Immigrants in the Third International, between the Years of 1919 and 1941”

Nicoletta Franchi, “The Presence of the Tuscans in the Order of the Sons of Italy in America”

Mary Anne Trasciatti, “A Rhetorical Analysis of the Americanization of Italian Immigrants”


1991 Eeva Salonen, “Finnish American Cooking during Waves of Immigration Compared to Today”



Judy Chesen, " Cultural History of Food as it Affected African-American, German Immigrant and Italian Immigrant Women in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati, in the Nineteenth Century”

Peter D’Agostino, “Americanism Through the Prism of Ethnicity: The Rise of Ethnic Nationalism in the Italian-American Community of Chicago Between the Two World Wars”

Ivan Dubovickŷ, “Czech American Activity During the Two World Wars and the Struggle for Independence at the Turn of the 20th Century”

Fraser M. Ottanelli, “Migration and Militancy: Italian Anti-Fascist Immigrant Workers, 1919-1941”

Maria Parrino, “Italian-American Women’s Autobiographies”

Michael Topp, “Italian-American Syndicalism and Federazione Socialista Italiana, 1909-1922” 1989

Madeline Goodman, “Evolution of Ethnicity, Nationality, and Fascism” Carole Rozzonelli, “Emigration from Piedmont to the United States”



Alexander, June Granatir, “Immigrants and Great Depression”

Boelhower, William, “Expanded Edition of Immigrant Autobiography in the United States”

Lynda DeLoach, “IHRC Research Collections Analysis”

Dietsche, Mry Lynn, “La Festa: Transmission and Change in the Religious Culture of Chicago’s Catholic Italians, 1900-1980”

Susanna Garroni, “Immigrants' Politics. The Case of Italians in Buffalo, New York and Barre, Vermont, at the Turn of the Century”

Joseph T. Hapak, “Recruiting a Polish Army in the United States, 1917-19”

Matjaž Klemenčič, “Slovene Immigration in the U.S.A.”

Susan Catherine Lews, “Ethnicity Among Descendents of Immigrants from Finland in Astoria, Oregon”

Donald Edward Pienkos, “Efforts of Polish Americans on Poland's Behalf-Resettlement Activities of Polonia Organizations following World War II”

Libuše Volbractová, "Cultural Identity, National Consciousness, Political Culture, and Homelife in a Process of Acculturation and Accommodation of Various Czech Minority Groups"



Mildred Beik, “Immigrants and Class Consciousness in a Twentieth-Century Company Town, Windber, PA, 1897-1940”

Jean-Christophe Coffin, “The Italian Immigrants and the French and American Labor Movement, 1890-1920”

Andrzej Kapiszewski, “Polish-Jewish Relations in the United States”

Adria Bernardi, “Working Toward and Oral History of Highwood, Illinois”

Adam Walaszek, “Polish Immigrants in Industrial America, 1880-1930: Ethos of Work, Attitude toward the Labor Movement”

Peter Kivisto, “Crisis in the Homeland and Ethnic Mobilization: Finnish American Responses to the ‘Help Finland’ Campaign”

Fred Gardaphe, “Fact in Fiction: Research in Italian American Fiction” and “The First Generation: Historical Study of Italians in Chicago and the Midwest”

Alaine Pakkala, “The Music of Finnish Americans, 1880-1930” Peter Melnycky, “The Trauma of Immigration: The Canadian Writings of Sava Chernetsky”

Stanislaus Blejwas, “Politics and Culture—The Adam Mickiewicz Chair of Polish Studies at Columbia University: 1948-1954”

Mark Hutter, “The Study of Identity and Family Reconceptualizations through Immigrant Autobiographies”

Ewa Morawska, “Insecure Prosperity: Jews in Smalltown Industrial America, 1880-1940"

Maria Parrino, “Italian American Immigrant Autobiography”

Elizabeth Szabo, “Hungarian Lutherans in America” M.B. Biskupski, “The Political Geography of American Polonia, 1912-1918”