Note: Due to high demand for media equipment, we are very limited in allowing more than one day (due the next day) for loans. Please plan around this limitation or ask us for alternative suggestions ( For audio recorders and microphones, we are only allowing loans for particular classes at the moment.

Media Equipment Reservation Form

Media Equipment List and Manuals

Walter Library

Wilson Library

Equipment at Wilson Library may be reserved in advance using the form.

Magrath Library

Equipment at Magrath Library may not be reserved and is checked out to the first person who requests it.

Video and Audio Editing Software

  • iMovie
  • GarageBand
  • Final Cut Pro with Motion and Compressor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Audacity
  • Screenflow
  • Adobe After Effects

Library Locations of Production iMacs

  • 204 Walter Library
  • 4th floor Wilson Library
  • 2nd floor Bio-Medical Library
  • Ground floor Magrath Library

Software at Other Campus Computer Labs

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