Open access means free public online access to research literature - continuing the existing generous practices of scholars who have long volunteered their writing, review and editing services. There are many paths to open access, all of which are being explored in many different ways throughout the University of Minnesota.

The University

The University of Minnesota has a threefold mission of research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and public service. The University's mission statement affirms a commitment to "making the knowledge and resources created and preserved at the University accessible to the citizens of the state, the nation, and the world." While there are many different ways to make knowledge and resources available, open access obviously has some resonance with the University's public values. Individuals and groups throughout the University work towards open access by making their own works available, by running open access publications, by working with professional and disciplinary organizations on open access projects, and in many other ways. Read more about open access publications hosted at the University, and the University-wide policy on Open Access to Scholarly Articles that took effect in January of 2015.

The Libraries

University of Minnesota Libraries is committed to helping authors and editors explore a wide variety of publishing options. Although we recognize that there is value in different publishing models, we support and encourage use of open access options, in which access to scholarly publications is free of charge for readers.

Many open access publications also allow authors to retain greater control of rights in their publications, and many allow readers broader freedoms to make use of published research. Our support for open access options is based on a recognition of the benefits that open access provides to authors, to the University, to the people of Minnesota, and to scholars and others all over the world.

In addition to providing general information about open access, and infrastructure to help run open access publications, the Libraries also provide consultative services and infrastructure support for the Open Access to Scholarly Publications policy, and with the Office of the Vice President for Research in supporting Open Access author fees through the Open Access Publishing Fund.

Questions or comments about open access issues at the University of Minnesota, and in general, can be directed to

Questions or comments about open access issues at the University of Minnesota, and in general, can be directed to