Scholarly communication is the process by which academics, scholars, and researchers create, share, and publish their research, making it available to the wider academic community and beyond.

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Explore the many ways to share your work: traditional journals and books or new avenues.

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Managing your rights

You own your scholarship - until you don't! Learn how to retain the rights to your own work.

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Open access

Find out how to make your publications and data freely available to everyone.

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Scholarly identity

Take control of your scholarly identity and reputation.

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Sharing and preserving

Learn how to make a long-term digital home for your work using repositories.

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Funder access requirements

Check how to comply with funding agencies’ requirements for sharing grant-funded research.

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Impact measures

Understand the many ways to describe the impact of your work.

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Open science

Learn how to make your research open to increase rigor, accountability, and reproducibility.

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Take action

Take action now!