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Expanding The Reach Of Research

Publishing, communication, and information exchange are all undergoing rapid change, at a time when innovative scholarship is opening up many new fields of study and techniques of inquiry. Scholars at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere are leading a variety of transformations in scholarly communication, and supporting sustainable publishing practices that expand the reach and impact of research.

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"Open access matters to me because it will be one of the pillars of the new world of the 21st century. In former times of inexpensive publishing, in a highly classist society with limited literacy, a lot of publishing functioned like Open Access: All who wanted to and were able to read in a given field could find what they needed and afford it. Not any more. The conjuncture of exorbitant publishing costs, the global scale of information exchange, and the virtual worship of corporate capitalistic models has shut down effective information flow between scholarly areas and the broader public. Also, institutions of learning can now be ranked by those with better access vs. those with poor access. Open Access publishing has the potential to fix these growing inequities quickly and efficaciously."

--Greg Laden, Adviser with the Program for Individualized Learning, College of Continuing Education

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