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Systematic review and evidence synthesis

Librarians help researchers conduct evidence syntheses. These are syntheses of all previously conducted research on a topic and represent the highest level of evidence in research. The service is available to U of M researchers.

Evidence synthesis reviews encompass systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-analyses, and evidence gap maps. Unlike other types of reviews, these research methods include a reproducible and transparent methodology. For help differentiating between the various types of review, consult A Typology of Reviews (Grant & Booth, 2009).

Work with librarians to increase the quality of reviews and streamline the process. Librarians help you

  • determine if there are existing reviews on your topic, ¬†
  • develop and register a protocol to ensure transparency and rigor,
  • create search strategies to identify all relevant studies,
  • deliver search results formatted for citation managers and systematic review tools,
  • implement best practices for screening, risk of bias assessment, and data extraction and synthesis,
  • and write the search methodology.

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