Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are students with strong academic records and writing skills, trained to help you with your research papers or assignments. PRCs can also help you get started with faculty-sponsored research. 

Schedule an appointment (shifts start week 2 of the semester)

One-on-one appointments with a PRC are available on East, West, and St. Paul campus locations.  What to expect at a consultation.

Make an appointment with a PRC (available week 1 of semester)

PRCs help you:

  • Choose good keywords and databases for searching
  • Find and evaluate scholarly articles
  • Narrow down your paper topic and create research questions
  • Navigate the Libraries website
  • Explore undergraduate research opportunities and provide tips for finding a research mentor

Appointment and drop-in consultation calendar

Orange = East Bank Campus locations    |    Green = West Bank Campus Locations


For more information about the Peer Research Consultant Program contact Andrew Palahniuk - 612-624-0365 or