Library carrels

Carrels are available to provide study space for projects and research work for which library material is needed.


The Libraries have two locations with carrels, Wilson Library (West Bank) and Magrath Library (St. Paul Campus). Magrath Library has a limited number of carrels (nine) for faculty and graduate students.

Carrels are not intended to serve as offices, conference rooms, storage space or offices for teaching/research assistants.

Apply for a carrel

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Carrel assignment guidelines

  • Graduate carrels are assigned at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Graduate students are encouraged to fill out an application prior to the beginning of the semester they would like a carrel.
  • Faculty carrels are assigned annually.

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Carrel use agreement

  • Carrels are NOT a secure area. Do not store any valuables in them. The Libraries are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • All library materials kept in a carrel must be checked out to the carrel user. If not, these materials are essentially missing from the collection. Carrel users not following this rule may have their carrel assignment revoked.
  • Please keep your volume level to a minimum. Speaker output is not allowed, and conversations should be kept quiet.
  • The Libraries' food and drink policy applies within carrels. All beverages must have lids. Food cannot be cooked in a carrel. Electronic appliances used for food preparation (hot plates, rice cookers, etc) are prohibited.
  • Walls and doors cannot be marred with tape, nails, or other hanging devices. Individuals may be charged for significant damage to the carrel.
  • Smoking is not permitted in carrels, as per the University's smoke- and tobacco-free policy.
  • Carrels are intended for the assigned user only and are not transferable to other users.
  • Lost or unreturned carrel keys will result in a $75 rekeying fee; this fee is not refundable if the lost key is later returned. Lost keys should be immediately reported to the Libraries.

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Important contacts

Contacts for facilities related issues:

Wilson Library
Carrel Questions:, 612-624-3321
Facilities Information:, 612-624-6515  
Magrath Library
For general carrel questions:, 612-624-2233
For facilities related information:, 612-624-6296

For emergency security issues, dial 9-1-1.

For non-emergency issues, contact the Libraries' security coordinator, Alfredo Hernandez Jr., or call 612-626-5337; please report thefts to the security coordinator.

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