Researchers are welcome to use digital cameras to photographs collection material that do not have reproduction restrictions. If using a digital camera, please be sure to check that you have permission from unit staff and that your camera is set to silent mode with no flash.

If you wish to have a photocopy or scan made of collection material, low-resolution digital scanning and photocopy services may be available. Please contact ASC unit staff for help placing a photocopy or scanning order and information regarding reproduction fees.

Orders for high resolution, publication quality scans are placed through the appropriate Archives and Special Collections unit. High resolution scans are produced by Digital Library Services for a fee.

Some collection material may be restricted and not available for reproduction.

Possible restrictions on reproduction include:

  • When reproduction would damage items that are too fragile.
  • When reproduction would violate copyright restrictions or donor agreements.
  • When reproduction would violate privacy regulations.
  • When a request is made to reproduce an entire archival collection, or all the text of individual books, manuscripts, or box(es) of material.

Please be sure to contact unit staff with specific questions regarding reproductions for the collection(s) you wish to use.


Any publication that results from use of the collections should include the citation(s) of the collection(s) used. For citation resources, review the University of Minnesota Center for Writing or the Libraries Citation Guides and Style Manuals.

Citing material from Archives and Special Collections should, at minimum, include the box and folder number, collection title, ASC unit title, University of Minnesota Libraries.

Copyright and use permissions

Archives and Special Collections provides copies under provision of the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S.. Code), which states that copies are not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.”

Permission to use materials does not convey permission to publish them. ASC can grant permission to publish only those materials for which it holds the intellectual property rights. In giving such permission, ASC does not surrender its own right to publish the same materials nor its right to permit others to do so. Publication of images from the collections requires a use contract and may involve fees. Consult with staff regarding this issue. If you have questions about access, permissions, copyright, or citation, contact the staff member you are working with.

Any publication that results from use of the collections should include citation(s) of the collection(s) used.

Additional resources regarding Libraries copyright policies can be found through the Libraries Copyright Services.

Image courtesy of Andria Waclawski