How the Archives can help

The Kautz Family YMCA Archives is a resource for YMCA staff at all levels of the organization. Please don't hesitate contact us if the Archives can be of service. Be sure to think of the Kautz Family YMCA Archives for the following:

  • Writing an article or presentation? The Archives has information on the history of YMCA programs and activities. In addition to helpful background information, we can often provide interesting visuals you may wish to use, such as historical photos, documents, or pamphlets. You may also like to use a quotation from someone in the organization who worked in a related area.
  • Preparing a training session? Incorporate the rich history of the YMCA into training sessions. Remember that many of the topics being discussed and dealt with today, such as the role of Christianity in the YMCA and character development, are not new. The Archives has books and articles that may be useful. We can create packets of historical documents to use in your training session.
  • Thinking of putting together an exhibit? The Archives has thousands of photographs of YMCAs around the country, as well as historical records about YMCA programs going back to the 1850s. If we don't have the material or information you are looking for, we can help you track it down. We even have a couple of ready-made exhibits that can be lent out for display at local YMCAs.
  • Looking for ideas for marketing, outreach, or fundraising? The Archives has an extensive collection of photographs, as well as historical documents that can be used creatively when designing material for marketing, outreach, or fundraising.
  • Do you need to clear out YMCA of the USA records from your office or storage areas? Don't throw it away! When you start "cleaning house," consult the Archives first.
  • Thinking about how to preserve your local YMCA's historical records? Please contact us! Although our own collections are mainly the records of the YMCA on the national level, we are ready and willing to assist and advise local YMCAs on preserving their records. We can guide you through the process of identifying records of historical value, negotiating with a potential repository with which you may want to deposit the records, and more.
  • Planning to travel abroad on YMCA business? The Archives can be of help in preparing to visit YMCAs abroad. The collection may include useful historical background information about the YMCA you are visiting so you can arrive informed. We may even have an interesting historical photo, a copy of which could be brought as a gift.

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