In spring 2012, the University established its first Open Access Publishing Fund, with funds from the budget of the University Libraries and the Office of the Vice President of Research. The fund was renewed in late 2014, and is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis each fiscal year.

The Open Access Publishing Fund has reopened as of September 6 2018. Currently accepting applications from July 2018 and later. 

Apply, or contact for more information.

Funds are available to UMN authors from all campuses who have no other available funding, to cover the costs of making their publications available to the world. We believe that free online access to published research benefits authors, other researchers, the University, and many people around the world.

In order to be eligible for support, a work must be:

  • A peer-reviewed journal article, scholarly monograph, conference proceeding, or data set
  • Created by a University of Minnesota author (any faculty, researchers, post-docs, graduate students, or staff)
  • Fully open and available immediately upon publication (no "hybrid" access, no time-delays)
  • Already accepted for publication at the time of application for funding support

It usually takes at least 1-2 weeks for us to process an application, but can take longer on occasion. It also sometimes takes a bit after the application has been approved, for payment to actually issue. Please expect the process to take up to one month, and feel free to communicate that to your publisher.

Questions or comments about open access issues at the University of Minnesota, and in general, can be directed to