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Free textbooks and course materials

In partnership with the University of Minnesota Bookstores, the University Libraries provides you with a list of free U of M required books. All books are free for U of MN - Twin Cities’ students to read online and to checkout.

Books in PDF format are available for download in their entirety.  

Check the list below to see if the library already has books for your course online, for free.

Summer 2021 ebooks

Course Ebook Title
ABUS 3052-301 The gig economy
ABUS 3510-301 Connection culture, 2nd ed
ABUS 4105-301 The self-aware leader : a proven model for reinventing yourself
ABUS 4545-301 Everyday bias : identifying and navigating unconscious judgment in our daily lives
ABUS 4545-301 My grandmother's hands : racialized trauma and the pathway to mending our hearts and bodies
ACL 5261-001 The power of culture in city planning
ADDS 5031-001 Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists
ADDS 5041-001 Motivational interviewing : helping people change
ADDS 5071-301 Integrated treatment for dual disorders : a guide to effective practice
ADDS 5091-001 Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5
ADDS 5091-001 The addiction treatment planner
ADDS 5091-002 The addiction treatment planner
ADDS 5121-001 The resilient practitioner : burnout and compassion fatigue prevention and self-care strategies for the helping professions
AFRO 3125W-001 Ella Baker & the Black Freedom Movement
AMIN 1003-001 Indian boyhood
ANTH 3027W-001 Europe before Rome : a site-by-site tour of the stone, bronze, and iron ages
ANTH 5027W-001 Europe before Rome : a site-by-site tour of the stone, bronze, and iron ages
CI 5186-200 Pedagogical tact
CI 5186-200 Teaching and learning from within : a core reflection approach to quality and inspiration in education
CI 5186-200 Teaching to transgress : education as the practice of freedom
CI 5442-002 Teaching climate change to adolescents : reading, writing, and making a difference
CI 5483-001 Speaking out : storytelling and creative drama for children
CI 5530-001 Teaching high school science through inquiry and argumentation
CI 5648-004 Building academic language : meeting common core standards across disciplines, grades 5-12
CI 5648-004 The K-3 guide to academic conversations : practices, scaffolds, and activities
CI 5668-001 Teaching online : a practical guide
COMM 3204-001 Directing : film techniques and aesthetics
CPSY 5513-001 Handbook of infant mental health 4th ed
CPSY 5603-001 Handbook of medical play therapy and child life : interventions in clinical and medical settings
CPSY 5603-001 The handbook of child life : a guide for pediatric psychosocial care
CSCI 4041-ALL Introduction to algorithms, third edition
CSPH 5212-001 Moral imagination
CSPH 5212-001 Restorative justice dialogue : an essential guide for research and practice
CSPH 5226-001 The art and science of mindfulness : integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions
CSPH 5317-001 Healing depression the mind-body way : creating happiness through meditation, yoga, and ayurveda
CSPH 5317-001 Inside the yoga sutras : a comprehensive sourcebook for the study and practice of Patanjali's Yoga sutras
CSPH 5431-001 Integrative medicine
CSPH 5503-001 Clinical aromatherapy : essential oils in healthcare
CSPH 5522-001 The profession and practice of horticultural therapy
CSPH 5631-001 Transformative imagery : cultivating the imagination for healing, change and growth
CSPH 5706-001 Lifestyle medicine : lifestyle, the environment and preventive medicine in health and disease
CSPH 5707-001 Motivational interviewing : helping people change
CSPH 5707-001 You don't look sick! : living well with invisible chronic illness
CSPH 5708-001 Living deeply : the art & science of transformation in everyday life
DDS 6231-001 Little and Falace's dental management of the medically compromised patient
DDS 6253-001 Robbins basic pathology
DDS 6412-001 Craig's restorative dental materials
DDS 7112-001 Newman and Carranza's clinical periodontology
ECON 4317-001 The Chinese economy : adaptation and growth
ECON 4331W-001 The great escape : health, wealth, and the origins of inequality
EEB 4839-001 The mammals of Minnesota
ENGL 3006W-301 Vacationland
EPSY 5642-001 Early intervention for deaf and hard-of-hearing infants, toddlers, and their families
EPSY 5647-001 Helping deaf and hard of hearing students to use spoken language: a guide for educators and families
FSOS 3426-001 Substance abuse and the family : assessment and treatment
HIST 3401W-001 Exquisite slaves : race, clothing, and status in colonial Lima
HIST 3401W-001 Indian and slave royalists in the Age of Revolution : reform, revolution, and royalism in the northern Andes, 1780-1825
HSM 4584-301 Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, 8e
HSM 4588-301 Measuring quality improvement in healthcare : a guide to statistical process control applications
HSM 6584-301 Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, 8e
HSM 6588-301 Measuring quality improvement in healthcare : a guide to statistical process control applications
IBH 6011-001 Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5
IBH 6031-001 The Cambridge handbook of anxiety and related disorders
LAMP 4177-301 Robbins basic pathology
LEAD 4961W-001 Turning to one another : simple conversations to restore hope to the future
MATH 4281-001 Abstract algebra
MDI 5002-001 Forecasting & management of technology
MDI 5002-001 Foresight for science, technology and innovation
NURS 5200-001 Seidel's guide to physical examination : an interprofessional approach
NURS 6200-001 Middle range theory for nursing
NURS 6210-001 Physical assessment of the newborn : a comprehensive approach to the art of physical examination
NURS 6210-001 Supporting a physiologic approach to pregnancy and birth
NURS 6210-001 The labor progress handbook : early interventions to prevent and treat dystocia
NURS 6707-001 New leadership literacies
NURS 6707-001 Strengths based leadership : great leaders, teams, and why people follow
NURS 6802-001 Cognitive behavior therapy: basics and beyond
NURS 6802-001 DBT skills training manual
NURS 6802-001 Learning supportive psychotherapy: an illustrated guide
NURS 6927-001 Integrative women's health
NURS 7105-001 Principles of health interoperability HL7 and SNOMED
NURS 7508-001 Advanced practice nursing in the care of older adults
NURS 7515-001 Bright futures : guidelines for health supervision of infants, children, and adolescents
NURS 7518-001 Advanced practice nursing in the care of older adults
NURS 7900-001 Teaching in nursing and role of the educator : the complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development
NURS 7900-002 Teaching in nursing and role of the educator : the complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development
NURS 7900-003 Teaching in nursing and role of the educator : the complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development
OLPD 5005-ALL Other people's children : cultural conflict in the classroom
OLPD 5005-ALL Schooltalk : rethinking what we say about and to students every day
OLPD 5324-001 Principal's guide to school budgeting
OT 7841-002 Bailey's Research for the health professional
OT 7841-002 Decolonizing wealth : Indigenous wisdom to heal divides and restore balance
OT 7841-002 Project management for the unofficial project manager
OT 7841-002 Program development in the 21st century : an evidence-based approach to design, implementation, and evaluation
PUBH 7200-105 The prescription drug abuse epidemic : incidence, treatment, prevention, and policy
PUBH 7200-105 The war on drugs : a failed experiment
ST 8662-001 (ISC)² CISSP certified information systems security professional official study guide
SW 8451-001 Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5
SW 8451-001 Clinician's thesaurus : the guide to conducting interviews and writing psychological reports
TH 5183-001 Speaking out : storytelling and creative drama for children
WRIT 3029W-067 Building trust in business, politics, relationships, and life
YOST 1366-001 At-risk
YOST 1366-001 ...y no se lo tragó la tierra

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