Course-integrated instruction

Our library staff work with instructors to enhance students’ critical inquiry and research skills by providing additional support around course projects such as finding research materials, and developing critical thinking skills related to identifying, locating, and evaluating information and understanding the research life cycle

Why work with the Libraries

The Libraries partner with instructors to create custom learning experiences for in-person, synchronous, or asynchronous instruction, participate in Canvas discussions or assignments, and develop a course-specific research guide.

The Libraries instruction services are open to all Campus affiliates. Contact us to learn more.

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Ways to collaborate

Collaborate with library staff to help students develop research-related skills such as learning how to use library-based research resources, conducting effective searches, selecting and evaluating appropriate sources for academic research, understanding data management, and giving them an understanding of how information and research are used in scholarship.

Class visits

Library staff can visit your class in-person, in Zoom or in Canvas. We can tailor instruction to a specific assignment, or give a general overview of library services. We are available to partner with or support instructors in developing assignments or activities that teach critical thinking and source-analysis skills.

Curriculum integration

Collaborate with librarians to integrate information literacy and critical inquiry skills into your program or curriculum - including research and writing centered classes.

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Emerging technology

The Libraries have a range of innovation and emerging technologies spaces. We can help you integrate them into your classes for free! We’ll work with you to develop multimedia projects, creative assignments with our makerspaces, explore virtual reality content and more. Connect with us to learn what’s possible for your course.

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Primary resources

Work with curators and archivists to integrate primary resources into your classes, help your students discover first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. 

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Examples of Libraries' lnstruction

Here are some recent examples of Libraries instruction.